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G.Ruiz Proscape LLC.

Country United States
State Arizona
City Tucson
Address 7739 E. Boradway #157
Phone (520)203-2802

G.Ruiz Proscape LLC. Reviews

  • Jul 30, 2015

Gustavo Ruiz was impressive when we first met and decided to let him to do our patio paver project. We were hit with our first concern was he wasn't using a level and we had to tell him several times that there were areas that were completely uneven. After I used my level to show him he finally made some adjustments. Since it's been finished we have found several other areas that settled and are even worse. Our second concern was with laying a curve to a walk way. After they left for the day, we noticed he had laid out the pavers so bad that the curve in the walk width was over 8 inches difference in places and there was no curve just right angles, so my wife and I redid the curve that evening so they could continue the next day. Two nights after the project was finished, we had a rain shower and all of the mortar sand along with his so called sealer washed away. Then we noticed that when he did attempt to seal it there are areas where he sealed the sand right on top of the pavers and it looks terrible. We even found that he had sprayed sealer in our hose cover and the side of the house. Lastly after putting all of our patio furniture back we discovered that the 18 foot by 3 foot BBQ addition was only 30 inches wide instead of 36 as we originally requested and he bid. When we first met he was responding instantly to get the quote and job, now that we have problems he's disappeared from the face of the earth. I've sent him pictures of the issues and not one single reply. I was eager to give my business to a young man but we are shocked how bad his work was and I am very disappointed with Gustavo personally. Either he was in way over his head or once he gets the money he could care less. We now have to hire a professional to come fix everything he messed up. I would NOT recommend Gustavo or Ruiz Landscaping/G.Ruiz Proscape LLC to anyone wanting to do any kind of paver/block project at all.

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