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G&R Auto Works

Country United States
State New Hampshire
City Keene
Address 55 Victoria St
Phone 1 603-357-2484

G&R Auto Works Reviews

  • Oct 11, 2020

Gary Gammons of G&R auto-works is a rip-off artist, a liar and an unethical mechanic. I had my car towed in with a broken radiator. He told me that he would save me money with after-market parts. It turned out that he bought cheap no name after market replacement parts and refused to share the name of the supplier so if anything goes wrong with the parts I will have no recourse .

Then when it came to his labor total I freaked out, he charged me triple what a dealership would charge for the same work. When I asked for a break down of his hours he gave me a bogus break down. see item 1. when I confronted him he reluctantly refunded me $850 out of the $4300 he charged for my repair.

Then 2 days later his repair job fell apart causing me $3,487.00 worth of damage to my passenger side head lamp that was not locked in place and got destroyed when it hit the road at 65 miles an hour. Even though I had paid him extra to inspect my car from top to bottom for an up coming track event.

He said he was sorry for the damage and would take care of the problem. See item 2. And 3. Instead of ordering me a new headlamp he bought a cheap replacement on line that was also broken, scratched and not complete. He even sent me an email stating a check for $380.00 was waiting to be picked up for the damaged carbon fiber eyelid that was also destroyed but that never materialized.

When I went to his shop to complain he blew his top, ordered me out of his shop, threatened to punch me in the face and shoot me in the head.

I called the police and filled a report see item 4.

I am now out of pocket a total of $3867.00. Gay Gammons is a horrible mechanic, does not guarantee his work, used cheap after market products, over charges for is labor, promises to make thinks right, then lies to your face and does not come thru on his promises. He is a con man and rip off artist.

Do not trust this man with your vehicle, he will try and rip you off big time. I also found out that he has been doing this rip off behavior for the past 16 years in his home town. Not a nice man.

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