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FYX Fleet Roadside Assistance

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Florence
Address 500 Meijer Dr #300
Phone 1 800-888-1001

FYX Fleet Roadside Assistance Reviews

  • May 21, 2020


scam truck breakdown roadside assistance, buying roadside assistance scam, pretending to be a local repair shop when they actually have no shop or knowledge on repairs or mechanic licensed in any state.

Why would you ever pay anyone or any company money just to make a phone call on your behalf for actual truck or trailer repair shop?

everytime you call them and not an actual local repair shop you paying a lot more almost 3 times the price that you normally should pay on average truck repair service. they simply taking an advantage of your lack of knowledge, th sacm work like this you call them after finding them on google search or on sites like, those site are breakdown assistance and they keep theyb silent let this scam run because they het paid to advertise them FYXFLLET.COM on they site. and should be ashamed for collaborating with such companies

they sometimes buy the positions to be found as number one on any of those sites, just to manipulate the search results to make you believe they are legit local truck repair shop.

where they pretend to be a local truck repair shop company, but they actually not the seat in florence kentucky, collecting your credit cards information not legally and charge you hounders if not thousand of dollars in truck breakdown fees, and in this process they corrupt the actual repair shop that end up either not getting paid or end up taking the bad review on they behalf since people think now that this was the actual local company that provide them with the service, they using local vendors simply making a phone call and dispatch them to do your repairs, and charge you more than you should ever pay for any tyoe of truck repair, mobile truk repair, truck tire repair, and truck trailer towing,

they are using differnt names and they even recently change the company name from TRAC Interstar to FYX FLEET ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE.

Why would any company will change they good name to another name, only few bad reasons why: first they have to many disagreement inside the company managment about they way they do business, second they scam to many people and time to cahnge company name, third reason they don't pay the IRS the actual money they claming to profit and have many ways to spend this money like it was they own for presonal use. they 100% bad business and simply should be called out a scam criminals.

they are doing it from the same reason that they are a scam and they try to get new name everytimes they have problems, i will not recomend yoiu to do any business with those con artsist fake scammers bad people that are only after your hard working driving money, they simply there online ton rip-off you and your company.

800-888-1001FYX Fleet Roadside Assistance

500 Meijer Drive, Suite 300

Florence, KY 41042

800-888-1001 866-222-0732

they are only a online website not even a shop calling themself a truck repair shop, tire repair shop, and towing company and truck repair shops, they are a joke scam bad business. bad peopel.

Example of bad services and reviews online.

Google Reviews

they have alot of fake postive reviews but the real reviews are bad


BBB Reviews:

my semi truck was starting ..but shutting down in 30 sec..of course they are getting your card information before the service..they charge me $450 just to come and tell me they cant fix it. i was 27 miles away..after i tow my truck back home for $1250 my mechanic discover that it is just a bad cable($40) that goes from battery to ECM and no power to it..even tho my mechanic try to talk to their and tell him what could possibly be the reason..their mechanic was saying that is fuel pump or"gas pedal control throttle"not existing part...i try to work with them that is not rasonable charge for no services provided..


Retarded mother f**kers. Left me sitting on the side of the road in 16 degree weather with a 1250.00 dollars bill the refused to pay because they couldn't get their cut for whatever reason.

source BBB :

P Wacket on

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Got a PO for a road service call to be billed through Michelin. Michelin says PO is not valid. Trac Interstar says we have to Email the invoice and they will release the PO. 4 days later they still haven't gotten off dead center.


this company will shut down soon by the FBI and local business that got scam by then will do an report on them as well. when millions of american trying to feed and they fyx truck roadside asssiatnce come like the devil to take way people hard working money and have no business in truck repair or diesel mechanic services, for towing or tires repairs they online for one reason only to scam your trucking company and trucks drivers.

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