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Fyda Freightliner

Country United States
State Ohio
City Columbus
Address 1250 Walcutt Road
Phone (800) 589-3932

Fyda Freightliner Reviews

  • Aug 31, 2016

I took my Winabago motorhome in for a windshield wiper motor replacement. I made a monday appointment for the repair and was there promptly on time. They did not look at the vehicle till thursday. Then they said they ordered the motor. The next week i called and was told they were going to order the motor. I called the next week and was told they were ordering a motor AGAIN. I was told the following friday the motor was being shipped overnite express and it would be done by the following tuesday. All my communications were with a service writer named Fred. He outright lied each time directly to me. I found from my own investigation with the parts supplier they did not order the motor at all till the monday of the next week. When i repeated back his friday conversation to him word for word he denied he said any of it.

I was quoted a $1200.00 price for parts and labor. The motor i got myself from manufacturer was $175 and labor for myself installing it was a simple 3 bolts and one nut removal that took all of 20 mins. I didnt even have to bend over or get my hands dirty. While they had it i asked if they could just loosen and retighten oe of the jacks pressure lines to release some built up extra pressure. For just that they wanted $180.00....3 mins to loosen and retighten a nut !!! They left the batteries on and run them dead, left the coach unlocked as well as all the outside compartments. My bbq grill and X-box are missing. I will never see their door again. I have never been so ripped off by anyone in any business. Ive also never had an employee of a business caell me a liar before. This business is fraud at its best and employees the rudest around. Get anything you do with them written out on paper or beware. Advisable for you to record any conversation. They should consider themselves lucky i dont sue them.

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