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Country United States
State Alabama

FxChannelHouse Reviews

  • Jan 1, 2016

I have had a very unfortunate experience with this person and I do not recommend contacting them for rebranding. I didn't want to write this and hoped it would be settled before, but obviously not.

In summary, virtually no work was done for over two weeks, communication was poor, continued excuses made and when I finally gave up and asked for a refund none is currently provided.

Here's a more detailed outline of the experience.

Day 1: Contact made and early discussions about what branding I wanted. After making payment of $45 they said, "in 2 days we are already working on it."

Day 6: Heard nothing so contacted them for update.

Day 7: Was told they were finishing other projects. Would start my soon

Day 9: Very early sketches show, a little discussion.

Hopeful branding would be started

Day 10: More sketches, a little progress made.

Day 11: Asked for update. Was told having Halloween weekend off (fair enough)

Day 12: Asked again for update - no response

Day 13: Asked for update. Explained I was now getting concerned work not being done.

Day 14: Got response of person feeling unwell but better now. "I am feeling better now aand will get this going now, promiss that at the end of the weekend everything will be ready man."

Day 18: No contact through the weekend and patience has run out. Ask for refund. Response apologising for working on other projects and will start work now. Due to all the above I still want a refund. Was told they have no money to refund me. I explain I am preapred to keep this between us as long as I get my money back within a couple of days before I have to warn other people off using them.

Day 21: Final request for refund. Same excuse that no money in Paypal account.

Month 2: When chased up for refund was told that they would have money to refund at start of next month when money came into their paypal account. I challenged on why they couldn’t just put money into paypal account but that was ignored.

Month 3: Start of new month and asked for refund but came up with another excuse that paypal account was in negative. Tried to follow up with more emails but now being ignored.

So I am left with a hatful of broken promises, three months of frustration, a couple of unworkable sketches and this person has spent my money. This guy is basically a thief.

If you pay for a service you expect some level of professionalism. That has not been delivered at any point.

Irrespective of the quality of the work, DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE.

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