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FX Trade Investment

Country United States
State New York
City Bronx
Address Suite 13A, 1115 Home St
Phone (646) 504-3184

FX Trade Investment Reviews

  • Nov 7, 2016

Suite 13A, 1115 Home St, Bronx NY 10459

Invested $500 and was advised 10x return($5000) in 14 days. At the 14th day was advised I needed to send $850 for work they performed. Was advised account had increased to $25850 and needed to send a wire transfer fee of $1275.00 to have funds transfer to my bank account provided. Presently I am refusing to send additional fund . need to comfirm this is not Fraud/Scam.

Asked for Business ID - refuse to provide it. Was initially to no addition fees - mentioned and returns were guaranteed. Initially $500 was to be placed in a Trust on hold through an attorney. Paul Enos, Mass

  • Oct 1, 2016

These people (FX Trade Investment)claim to know the inside out of Forex Trading Platforms and guarantee 10x returns of your investment, in 14 days, but as soon the 14 days are due, they require for me to send the cost of transfer so I can get my returns wired, when done they claim my account has over yield and the amount of my return has increased and now I must send 10% to get it wired to my bank, after debating for a while I wired the 10% to expect them to comply with their part, after doing so, now my funds are apparently in Sweddish bank(SWEDBANK) and most comply now 5,000.00 to pay out the cost of transfer from that bank, and FX TRADE claims is out of their control and I must communicate with the Sweddish bank to receive my funds, and I told Them I have been told this same situation several times already, I know i should have stop after the first atempt but I wasn't sure what I was doing so I did all I could and now I just would like to get my investment refunded plus charges and file a report ot the FBI for ripping people off. This is the information I have of them, I hope it can help stop these individuals from commiting any more fraud. Please advice.

  • Oct 21, 2016

Fx Trade Investment

I got my returns from fx trade investment after paying all cost of transfer, right now I'm re-investing with them.

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