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FX Logistics, LLC.

Country United States
State Georgia
City Roswell
Address 10800 Alpharetta Hwy Suite 208-701
Phone 1-800-207-9032

FX Logistics, LLC. Reviews

  • Dec 9, 2016

Rip off

All I can say is Stay away from FX logistics, there is too many good brokers to work with!

  • Dec 5, 2016

rip off

fx logistics is the worsit ever dont fuck with this people i book load with them from elkgrove villge il to romulus mi they offering 1100 i took the load delevery on time .they short me 500 they only pay me 600 whey because they are saying i suppose to go back to elk grove and tell them hi i delevery the load in person not by phone hhhhhhhh .ever the load its one way only .more story on the way load from ga to memphis ......please dont work for this people i start calling them and book 4 to 5 loads a day and never move them lol

  • Apr 16, 2016

During the holiday season of December 2015, my company was hauling USPS freight, which was brokered out to us by FX Logistics. Even though all the loads were picked up and delivered on time, with no service failure on our side, FX Logistics refused to pay us for most of the loads, stating that they sent us an email in which they were cancelling these loads. My company suffered a loss of nearly $30,000.00 from this deal, not to mention the time and the nerves invested in the attempts to recover our loss, both from FX Logistics or their surety bond HCC Surety Group. This surety bond's practices are a story for itself.

Anyone with a common sense knows that it's almost impossible to pick up and deliver a load that is cancelled. We picked up and delivered seven loads for them that were supposedly cancelled and we have all proper documentation for them.

Anyone with even a little expirience in this industry knows that when a Broker cancells a load, a revised confirmation needs to be sent to the Carrier and/or a TONU where applicable. They sent nothing! But when you try to bill them for the services, they will sent tens of emails with the reasons why not to pay you. Their excuses are numerous, and I must say, that they really perfected their scheming and unfair business practices to the highest possible level.

  • Aug 29, 2016

Scammed by FX Logistics LLC

I worked as a agent for FX for over 5 years . In Oct 2015 FX fired a agent I brought to them do to safety violations , but they held over $60,000 in there commissions and have refused to pay then I quit working for them in march 2016 , they did there best to steal my accounts and drivers and have refused to pay me for my commissions for my last month of services . These people are parasites living off others work, and screwing good folks along the way

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