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Future Vision, Inc.

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Raleigh
Address 6060C Six Forks Rd
Phone (919) 873-0080

Future Vision, Inc. Reviews

  • Dec 7, 2016

I purchased an $800 Maxburn Fitness Plate at the Syracuse State Fair 2016 late at night and was told it was the last one left. I was told by two women there that the machine would take away my lower back pain which I told them was chronic and it would alleviate pain in my knee as well and get rid of cellulite. I liked also that they told me it increases bone density. I used it off and on in a period of a month. I noticed that my back was getting worse and the cellulite wasn't going away at all. I called the company and asked for a refund but Wayne Decker, the owner, had some girl named Sidra call me and talk me into keeping it. She was going to send me a band to use with the plate and show me some exercises....but....that email was never received. I emailed her about 3 weeks later asking her for the band and the exercises but she never called or emailed...probably because I told her it wasn't working for me and I had pain which concerned me...evenmore than when I started.

So, I went to see a chiropractor and he told me to stop using the machine. With a few treatments by him and the stopping of the unit, my back was much better! At this point, I knew I had to get that machine back to them since my chiropractor and general doctor who I went to see (who put me on pain pills I was in such bad shape) and put me in physical therapy all said NO to the machine useage for me. They said the vibration was not good for me! No one at the fair said anything to me about seeking out a doctor's approval of this thing first WHICH THEY SHOULD HAVE! They got me with their pain message and the fact that it was late at night and I was tired and even in more pain. I also saw that this unit sells in Europe (where it probably originated from) and it clearly states on their website to seek a doctor's approval first. To my knowledge the unit I purchased from Wayne Decker (Future Vision) has no website. I do not like that if true. I had to call the state fair to get his address since I didn't have any paperwork on the item...instead just my receipt.

I spoke to Wayne's secretary, Karen, and asked her where I send the unit back and she said I was out of the time period to do so eventhough I told her 3 professionals said NO to the unit and had tried before to send it back only to be talked out of it. So, I opened up a claim with my bank to get my money back and they approved of the credit eventhough Mr. Decker said no. Interestingly enough Mr. Decker wrote me a week later saying he would approve of the machine's return after I was told no and not issued a return authorization number a week prior. This caused me to send the unit back and incur a shipping and handling fee of $132 which was tough for me to pay, but my claims people said they couldn't help me unless I returned the item so that I did.

I later wrote Mr. Decker and told him that I would let the whole incident go if he paid me back for the shipping and handling by email, but he never responded back. So here I am helping out the person like me who got talked into something I should have never bought on impulse because it ended up hurting me instead of helping me to spare you the inconvenience that I incurred financially, emotionally and phsyically. Always check with your doctor on everything. There is a reason for that!

I found it odd that this Mr. Decker didn't respond to me at all to help out with that expense seeing as he approved of the return later on anyways. Seems like he only cares about the money aspect of things. I will update here if Mr. Decker pays out the reimburesment I wish for.

Lisa Van Buren

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