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Future Truckers of America

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Asheboro
Address 1095 W Dixie Dr A
Phone 1 336-636-5700

Future Truckers of America Reviews

  • Aug 15, 2019

Future Truckers Of America is located in Asheboro, NC. The school has four week course that cost close to $6, 000 with hotel fees. The hotel is located approximately 27 miles from the school. I was recruited through Drivers Solutions Re: Pam Transport.

The school had a Office Manager named Julie with a God complex. Upon obeserving Julie's behaviour It was evident that she had anger issues and spoke to students as if they were less than. There were constant outbursts with her trying to intimidate students with removal from the program. Julie lacks the abilty to be professional and is confrontational with students by not keeping confidential information private which is a liabilty to the company.

The owners wife Pat scolds students in front of other students. She frequently divulged confidential information of the student(s) such as age. Pat engages in illegal acts if discrimination under the federal and state staues.

The equipment is of poor quality and old. The trucks are dirty and in bad repair. For example: the trucks have no power steering and are difficult to maneuver, there is no a/c in the trucks and the trucks are up to 117 degrees in the cab, and the clutch is very tight and will not go into gear.

Further, there is no syllabi for course activity and no direction. Students are out in the the blazing sun for 11 hours a day waiting to get into a truck to learn how to do the three back- up technique s. There us no sign in sheet for rotation. You have to ask who is last to get into line. You can wait for hours, and maybe, be able to practice for 15 minutes, about three times a day. There are three areas that can have up to 10 students at a time waiting.

The students heckle students that are not performing well and there is no behavior modification by the staff for the bullying. Bullying such as intimidation tactics utilized by other students to move there place uo in the line.

Finally, you cannnot quit or you will be responsible for up to a $6, 000 dollar contractual bill. Upon signing the contract I was told that you had three attempt to achieve each test. They changed the terms of the contract and said that you only had two attempts, whch is a breach of contract, and then stated it was to their discretion to change the terms if the contract. The ratio of students along with trucks thay are no equipped with power steering makes it almost impossible to be successful at the school and chance if obtaining a CDL are slim to nothing.

The manger Julie was outraged that a student would call the recruiting office at Drivers Solutions to report the discrepancies of the contract and conditions. If there weren't any problems and she had nothing to hide about the organization and behavior, if her school was in compliance with contractural terms, the antidiscrimination laws, and equipment was in good repair then why should she be so angry? Julie the office manager is on a power trip seeks to devalue students who are trying to start a new career.

The only positive note on the school is the dedication of the instructor Wes who under horrible conditions does his best to demonstrate a understanding of his students abilities and retention to learn in a stressful environment . He ultilzes humor and his experience to try make the student (s) experience. and survival as pleasant as possible in such harsh unspeakable conditions.

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