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Future Trading US LLC

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 101 Avenue of the Americas, 9th Floor
Phone 347-491-4322

Future Trading US LLC Reviews

  • Dec 20, 2017

I was looking for a part time job and sent my resume. I was emailed a job position for a Purchasing Manager from Future Trading US LLC in New York, New York that was expanding to the US from Berlin Germany. I sent them my resume and they asked me to join them. They sent me a contract to work for them and I even requested their US Tax ID. They sent it all including information on the company in Berlin Germany. I was tasked to purchase items for 3 to 4 weeks on my personal credit cards and then I would recieve a Corporate credit Card to make purchases. To start they said they would pay off my personal credit cards and pay me 10% on any assigment item totals.

They told me to add their Wells Fargo Corporate Account to my personal credit cards to pay off my credit cards and I did. I then was instructed to pay off my personal credit cards with this Corporate Account. My credit cards posted them as being paid off after about 3 days and gave me full credit on my persoanl credit cards. I then was tasked to buy laptop computers (they gave me a list and prices) and a place to ship the items once bought (usually Fed Ex Overnight). My shipments went to Oklahoma. I then was instructed to pay off my personal credit card accounts using the Corporate Credit Card form Wells Fargo. I was told that Wells Fargo would not give me any information on the account as I was not the owner of the account, but I was an authorized user and all expenses including travel would be approved and be paid for using this account.

I followed directions to the letter and again my persoanl credit card companies after 3 days showed the Posted payments as being paid. This continued for about 4 weeks. At that time (my last assigment and being told my Corporate Credit card was in the mail) my Persoanl Credit Card Companies deceided to actually collect the money for which I spent for the business and which was all posted as being paid and all payments including my original payoff of these credit cards was denied. I tried calling Future Trading US LLC and the phone just rigns, they do not respond to emails either. I tried and to contact the company in Berlin Germany and left a message for one of the Directors of the company, but I get no responces from any of them.

Each time I used a credit card and it was posted as being paid by my persoanl credit card companies they gave me full credit back ( if my credit limit was $3,000.00 and I spent $2,500.00 on my assignment items my credit limit should have been $500.00 left on my credit card, but after posting the amount paid from the Corporate Credit Card they would give me full Credit back to $3000.00) to contiue using the card. My credit limit never increased, but my credit card bills are now $11,000.00 to $41,000.00 I owe credit card companies now around $67,000.00 and my personal crdit went from around 720 to now 460. My credit is gone to very poor and I owe my persoanl credit card companies now. I plan on fighting this.....I have reported this to the police, FBI, and the credit card companies and am waiting on some reply back from them.

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