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Future Buildings

Country Canada
City Markham, Ontario
Address 1405 Denison St
Phone 1-800-668-5111

Future Buildings Reviews

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  • Apr 28, 2018

Future Steel Buildings Inc Toro Steel Buildings Internet

As a former employee, I would like to send a word of caution to all consumers.... these guys are slime scammers who by executive order lie to consumers.

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  • Apr 27, 2018

Future Buildings Future Steel Buildings Markham Ontario

We had a very disappointing experience with Future Buildings. Our order was placed and then it was represented there were certain essential items which we understood and it was represented to us that were supposed to be included and then they advised they were not but would supply them for a significant additional charge.

We do not recommend that anyone use this company.

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  • May 7, 2016

We bought a building from Future Buildings under a lot of duress. They used extreme pressurized sales tactics that made us feel if we didn't commit right away we would lose out on an amazing one time deal. There was never any mention at that time about losing our deposit in full if we were to cancel. Our deposit was approximately 25% of the purchase price. We were unable to get a building permit and therefore could not use the building. When we explained this to Future Buildings they first told us that we could pick any building of similar size or smaller for the same price! in other words it didn't matter what building we took. I explained that without a permit we would never be able to erect a building at anytime. He then told us that we would not get any of our deposit back but they would give us two years to use it on another of their buildings. I explained again that without a permit we would never be able to erect a building at anytime. I told the sales person that under Ontario Law it states that a company cannot keep a deposit that is not proportional to the expenses they incurred from the cancellation of the agreement. Furthermore, that this represents an unjust and illegal "windfall" for the company. The only expense I can see is paperwork and blueprints which our given out to thousands of clients - very minimal expense. If this is not rectified immediately we will be taking them to court.

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  • Apr 13, 2018

Future Buildings is a family owned manufacturer of DIY steel buildings. Using only American & Canadian made Galvalume Plus steel with an industry leading 30-year rust perforation warranty. Available in sizes as small as 10' x 10', or as big as 100,000 square feet and everything in between.

Future Buildings is CSA-A660 certified as part of the CAN/CSA A660 compliance, manufacturers are required to provide a “Certificate of Design and Manufacturing Conformance” signed and sealed by a licensed Professional Engineer for each building project.

All of our buildings are provided with 3 sets of certified engineered drawings stating that your building is designed in compliance with state and national building codes, as well as the design criteria for you specific site location. Foundation drawings are also supplied, saving the client the cost of paying a local engineer for foundation design.

Future Buildings manufactures buildings using the strictest production tolerances to assure that your assembly goes smoothly. Our technical support team is standing by to answer any questions that you may have during the assembly process. Future Buildings is the only steel building manufacturer to use JS1000 grade serrated flange nuts & bolts for the main building assembly.

Our building consultants will work with you to determine the best shape & style of building for your specific application. Many of our clients choose to order their buildings without the end walls, opting instead to enclose the end walls themselves with 'traditional' construction methods, allowing them to match the look of the building to their house. All the advantages of steel, with the look of wood - the best of both worlds!

  • Feb 4, 2016

I cancelled after 4 days from placing the order on December 7, 2015 after being told by the city planning dept. that we cannot get permits so I asked for a refund but they refused to give my refund of $4,175.00. The representative, Jerry Williams let me sign the contract in duress from the time he sent me the contract by email up to the time that I filled out the form, signed, return to him by email and charged my credit card the whole time around 45 minutes he didn't let me go until he got the contract back from me and my credit card charged. He rushed me into signing the contract without disclosing the fine prints. He only pointed to the details of the building size, model, delivery but never pointed the policy of cancellation and refund which was in fine prints, which I didn't find out until the time that I was asking for refund. They refused to give my money stating that I signed the contract where it says the deposit I paid is non-refundable. I feel that I signed the contract in duress. I read a lot of complaints about them just before I filed this complaint. The representative just called me and said that his managers are giving me 2 options: one is to keep the deposit as credit for future purchase and two is to find a buyer and transfer the deposit to that buyer. None of these is acceptable. All I want is my money back which was all my hard-earned savings. They are in the business of selling these metal buildings. Why can't they just offer it to their list of buyers? The building won't be delivered until March, 2016 so they already took my money and I didn't receive anything yet.

  • Jul 29, 2015

Run out and buy one of these steel buildings. They are Great. I had a 30x50. They last aprox. two years and if you get a foot of snow , make sure your cars are in them. They will be protected from the weather. BUT they will not be protected from hundreds of pound of steel crashing down from above. Needless to say these buildings are Pieces of ****. If you are in need to waste $15,000 Have fun. I did. Ended up with 2 crushed vehicles and $200 worth of scrap metal

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