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Fusion Finish

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Phone 469-338-9620

Fusion Finish Reviews

  • Nov 9, 2016

BEWARE! True Fusion Finish,. He came into our home, refinished our tub, I paid him with a check, and he gave me an electronic receipt with care instructions. He indicated that the bubbles would smooth out when dry and if a bit of dust settles just use a wet 220 sandpaper to knock it off.

The next day, the tub was all bumpy and bubbly, I lightly tried the sandpaper and nothing happened. I didn't want to damage the tub, so I emailed him and he responded pretty promptly that he was with his father at the hospital and would get back to me the next day and schedule a time to come out and fix the tub.

He didn't get back with me so a few days later I sent another email. He said he was waiting to get all of the doctor visits lined up for his 84 year old dad and he would take care of me as soon as he could. I waited several more days and then sent another email just asking him if he had any idea when he might come out...this time he didn't respond (guess our check cleared). He then never responded to emails or phone calls.

I decided to try to fix it the best I could since I didn't think I would hear back from him, so I tried the sandpaper again, but the paint just came off. Now I have a mess and he has our money.

There is no place to add a review on his website. From further research he has caused others problems as well....just changed his name or business name. His phone is registered to a Johnny Ray Yarbrough....but he just said his name was John. Our check was made out directly to Ally Bank.

Do not use this company or man!

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