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Full Circle Farm

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chatsworth
Address 4265 N 3350 East Rd,

Full Circle Farm Reviews

  • Mar 15, 2023

I bought a 7 week old cocker puppy from Mike Will (Full Circle Farm) last December (2022). I met him at the Dollar General store in Chatsworth Illinois because he said he couldn't meet me at his house. I should have known this was a red flag. He sold me the puppy without papers for $800.

When I got the puppy home it fell asleep and I thought it was just tired. After a couple hours I tried to wake the puppy up to eat and she was very slow to wake up. She did eat but later she threw up. She went back to sleep. The next morning when I got up she had threw up again and would not eat. She also pooped very loose.

I took her to my vet and they kept her to make sure she had fluids. The vet called me and said she tested positive for parvo. They started treating her for parvo.

I was devasted when she passed. She was so small and helpless. I notified Mike Will as soon as I found out because he has a lot of dogs and on his Facebook page he shows them all running loose together. He said he had 31 puppies last December when I got my baby.

He did not belive me when I told him. He asked for my vet records and I sent them to him. I wanted him to test his other puppies so they would not die. He left a voicemail on my phone accusing me of getting my girl sick and trying to blame him. After I sent my vet records he blocked me. I don't know his address so I could not send him a letter or go over to his house.

This guy is horrible he does not care anything about the dogs. I'm sorry I met him and hope nobody has to go through what I did. Horrible man!!!

  • Dec 17, 2022

My cousin bought Golden Pyrenees puppy from Mike Will off of Facebook (his real name is Mike William Schafer). I took ownership of the puppy within 24 hours after the puppy became violently ill. She had extreme diarhea and was lethargic and vomitting. When my cousin met Mike at the Dollar General store (he won't let you come to his house) he brought several puppies for her to choose from. He encouraged her to pick this puppy saying he could offer a deep discount. We think he knew there was something wrong with this puppy and wanted it off his hands quick.

Within 24 hours of me taking possession of the puppy my vet confirmed Parvo and did a second test and it came back positive of Parvo. I notified Mike so he could take precautions with the rest of his puppies. He has over 80 dogs running lose on his property posting pictures of them on Facebook. They are running loose together and most certainly would pass on the Parvo to the other dogs.

Mike denied responsibility and called my family ignorant. He wanted to see my vet bills and after I sent them he blocked me and my cousin and I never heard from him again.

I took care of the puppy and she lived. She dropped down to 3 lbs and was on an IV drip in my living room while I worked diligently to save her with my vet. She pooped out 6 worms that were 8 inches long. It is horrible that Mike Will Schafer is allowed to do this. Selling puppies sick with Parvo and not even taking precautions to prevent it from spreading. This has to stop !!!!

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