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FreshPoint / Steve Pressman / Stacy Shuler / Joy Osayemi

Country United States
State Indiana
City Indianapolis
Address 4202 Majestic Ln Apt J
Phone 224 587 1033

FreshPoint / Steve Pressman / Stacy Shuler / Joy Osayemi Reviews

  • Apr 28, 2019

The scammer in this situation is posing as a man named Steve Pressman who is the VP of field sales for FreshPoint. The scammer, Joy Osayemi, posted a Data Entry position on, and that is most definitely fake. It SCREAMS SCAM. For the following reasons:

Scammer posted a fraudulent job posting on that I responded to. Link: FreshPoint Data Entry Position

I replied to the posting which contained my email address and phone number. The scammer then contacted me via email under the name, Stacy Shuler Email: [email protected]).

I did as the emaail instructed and concated the scammer, ("Steve Pressman" email: [email protected]) via Google Hangouts. The scammer proceeded to tell me about a too good to be ture job offer that I was immediatly hired for. The scammer then instructed me to wait for a check to be mailed to my home and wait for further instructions. At this point, the numerous red flags had my intuition screaming at me, so I decided to reach of the the point of contact, Steve Pressman via another platform, LinkedIn.

Red Flags:

1. This was the only position from FreshPoint being advertised on Glassdoor -- No other positions were posted despite the numerous job postings on the company's website.

2. The link on Indeed redirected to the Glassdoor application -- no need to redirect to apply on a competing job site when one can apply on Indeed.

3. The scammer's English and grammar are less than stellar despite the photo of Steve Pressman displaying a seemingly Caucasian American male.

4. The scammer's reply to the date the check would be at my home was, "Monday or Tuesday, I guess" -- not very professional

5. The salary was way too high for the job itself

transcript is below. The scammer proceeded to mail me a check in the amount of $3650.42 which I did not cash and still have.

6. The email domains are not that of the FreshPoint company -- one from FreshPointJob (not the company website) and the other from Gmail.

7. The method of communication (Hangouts) is not official nor did the scammer want to meet in person or conduct a phone interview.

8. When I finally answered one of the 30 harassing calls I received, the scammer very clearly had an African accent, not one of a Caucasian American male.

9. The scammer insisted we only communicate through Google Hangouts

10. The scammer was in a rush to get me to follow his very specific instructions for cashing the check and sending the money back.

11. The scammer threatened me with his "company lawyer" if I were to "try anything funny with the company money

Cos the company lawyer will get across to you".

12. Repeated harassing calls to my phone number and my Google Hangouts rushing me to send the money and uppset I did not follow "pright protocol"

13. The scammer forgot which character he was playing and referred to himself in the 3rd person then tried to correct it.

14. Protocol being: Here's what you should do, First of all you’re to take the picture of the envelope and check to confirm you got it then you are to proceed and have the check deposite via ATM... Once deposited you have to provide to me the deposit receipt, funds would be made available for withdrawal.

The next day (within 24 hours or less)Once the funds are available tomorrow morning i will refer you to the local vendor you are to purchase your working equipment from to enable you start your training and orientation immediately and Make a withdrawal of $3500 and get a textbook or notebook, then put $3300 inside envelope and then put it inside the textbook or notebook, then go to FedEx and mail it to the vendor address and ensure it’s 8am next day delivery , it cost around $150 so take the mailing fee from the remaining $200 .. I hope you understand .. ensure you. Take a picture once the money is inside the envelope.

Send me pictures of the cash money first and the textbook or notebook , then I’ll send. You the vendor address. Make sure it no signature required.

"You not following the right protocol

I did ask you to send pictures of the check first

And send me pictures of the deposit slip

You did none why ?"

This person has mailed me a check with specific instructions on how to send it back to a completely unrelated person to the "job" or company.

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