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Country United States
State New Jersey
City Secaucus
Address P. O. Box 2157
Phone 1-866-789-(3737).

Freshpet Reviews

  • Jan 4, 2016

I took my dog on a road trip and purchased dog food in Tennesee and Indiana. I was staying in a hotel room with a refrigerator that takes dogs. The food was moldy that I purchased in not one but two cities. Stay away from this company, they have manufacturing problems see - other issues of moldy dog food by googling Fresh pet mold.

Made my dog sick - cleared up with couple drops of oil of oregano in coconut oil over 7 days. Read about a dog that died from bacterial gut infection.

Called company and they do not care. Total of 5 out of 10 bags purchased had mold or developed mold within 1-3 days of opening.


Thank you for reading. I switched to another brand but I thought I was doing my dog a favor and I was not at all.

  • Nov 6, 2015

It was very difficult to file this complaint as the comapny did it's very best to hide their physical address which is needed to file this complaint. Secondly, it was equally frustrating to find the proper category for this complaint as nothing was a perfect fit.

I purchased Freshpet for the first time today. I normally serve my dog's food warm and that issue was not addressed on the packaging or website so I called the customer relations phone number to ask about heating the food. I was addressed in an awful manner by a Customer Relations woman who identified herself as an owner of Fresh Pet. This person is a truly awful person who is arrogant and has not a clue into how to speak to a customer. I asked a simple question and was told that I should return the Freshpet food to the store I bought it from and never buy the food again. I will do just that and tell everyone that I know that Freshpet is a company that no one should ever do business with. I do not expect this "review" to ever be published or acknowledged by the company as this Customer Relations person identified herself as an owner of the company. I will write a review on another review site that will not delete it and allow me to relate my negative experience with this company.

In the interest of brevity I had to not relate every minute detail but any company that would tell a customer to return the product and never purchase it again is woefully short on knowledge on how to treat a custome that had an inquiry that was not addressed on the package or website.

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