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Country United States
State California
City Ontario
Address 1635 E Cedar St
Phone 888-968-5168

FreshMarine Reviews

  • Feb 8, 2018

I just purchased a Lion fish from this so called company. When i received the fish it had died. This company is located in California and I live in NY. This poor fish was packaged in a normal box with a 1/4" foam insulation...that is it. The box was not label live fish handle with care. There was no heating pads to keep the fish at the correct temperature during transport, so when i received the fish the water in the bag was ice cold. No packaging peanuts to keep the bag from rolling around inside the box. I have bought fish online before from Liveaquaria..maybe this company should buy a fish from Liveaquria to see how to properly ship a live fish. So i called the company and they denied that the box the fish was shipped in was theirs and denied a refund. What a joke. I wonder how many other fish they have shipped died this way.

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