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Fresh Start Sober Living Environments

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Phone 312-238-8647

Fresh Start Sober Living Environments Reviews

  • Mar 11, 2016

First and formost this soberliving house commits insurance scam. Drug testing is mandatory every 3 days. Clients are informed the urine samples are sent out to a lab. However the company they use "Flex Experimental" list their location as the sober house! There is no "lab" @ **** ** *******. Flex experimental is a "phantom" lab. Newly sober residents are dropped w/a cheap 5 panel test in the fresh start residences. The drops done at the location are never sent anywhere. Fresh start runs multiple properties and all those properties send their samples to **** ** *******. Insurance companies of those w/coverage are billed at the allowable amount per the policy. They back into the number - my insurance was billed $960 per week - LENNY received $480 per week. In regards to treatment of residents the atmosphere is anything but supportive. The managers enforce the rules for some and not others.

He also shares personal info about the residents, some of which is pure speculation. The house is hostile and cramped. The staff is rude, they sometimes make fun of clients and single them out managers have little sober time, usually less then a year and receive no training. They receive a free room in lieu of salary. Due to the lack of qualifications, they are quite unprofessional and this causes the residents much stress and is not conducive to maintaining sobriety. This of course does not even mention the disrepair of the house in general, The cabinets have been falling apart since I moved in, the bathroom tiles are breaking, pieces of the ceiling and falling off, toilets don’t work properly, the house leaks when it rains, and none of the issues are being addressed at all. Clearly this is a for profit

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