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Fresh Start Capital Investments, LLC.

Country United States
State Illinois
City South Holland
Phone 800-675-8849

Fresh Start Capital Investments, LLC. Reviews

  • May 20, 2017

Michael (Mike) Parker

Fresh Start Capital Investment LLC


New Physical Business Address (Not Disclosed)

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******All Listed is Public Knowledge; Did No List His Phone # I Have Personally*********

The following is my disheartening yet truthful review about my leap of faith to hire "Fresh Start Capital Investment, LLC" proprietor Michael Parker to help me get a fresh start...

It's May 19, 2017 ...presently my last text received from Mr. Parker was on April 13, 2017. He stated it was his birthday and out of town celebrating in Chesterton, Indiana, stated the phone reception was bad (my call that day went to voicemail, too) and that he would physically talk to me on Tuesday, April 18th ...I wished him birthday blessings and awaited his call. No follow through took place. No communication since then.

I now have a stale versus fresh perspective on Mr. Parker's vested interest being "Best" pertaining to me getting the best service for my discount fee he quoted me, I invested $1,000.00 total with him. By a fluke of mishap, my payroll wasn't disbursed to me as normally and caused me to receive (2) checks at once. I took a chunk ($600) and made my initial payment on 9/3/16.

I met Mr. Parker at "Panera Bread" at 300 E. 182nd in South Holland, Il (at the time he was renovating an office space located in the south suburbs, which he didn't disclose). Before leaving he flashed me his driver's license to assure me he was who he said he is and stated he normally doesn't do that but desired to put me at ease due to having no physical office space.

My fresh start quest in September 2016 was to jump start needing to relocate and re-establish housing for my daughter and myself.

Here is where the road begins to veer into unpleasantries for us both; I say both due to the fact that I realize, I had made an oversight of another financial obligation and I called Mr. Parker the next day inquiring may I have returned to me $100+ dollars of the $600 to assist with my error and I would reinvest the $100+ dollars my next payday. I asked because he only stated I needed to start with $300 and I brought $600 (I had nowhere to turn).

Now, prior to giving Mr. Parker any cash, Mr. Parker faithfully answered my calls and returned my calls. The next night after my first payment installation, I began to call Mr. Parker; he never responded until the next day and his response was a text. He stated he was BBQ for his family and unavailable to speak until the next day.

Now it is almost 48 hours after paying my first installment; Mr. Parker's response, once he did call was that he was sorry about my circumstance but all my funds had been already allocated to paying for using toner for photo copies, paying his staff that helps to process new files (at one point Mr. Parker did share his support staff was his spouse and his daughter). He wouldn't relinquish any of the funds. He stated, "I may not have a big cherry wood desk in an office but I run my business like a business". Yes as he said to me, "you can't go back to a utility company and ask such an inquiry" that is true. Nevertheless, had he paid me more than the due amount for my services due to my heart and he was in a fix, I would have relinquished the $100+ dollars to aid his circumstances.

Due to my inquiry being unpleasant to Mr. Parker, the next day Mr. Parker texted me and stated my balance of $400 would be due, I believe it was in approximately a week. I replied, I financially couldn't. He ended up telling me, if not, my installment money would be forfeited, find a way and he wasn't gonna back and forth with me. I then turned to A. Johnson the home improvement contractor who referred me to Mr. Parker and as the mediator, he got me extra time to pay my balance, which I paid $400 on October 30, 2016; I met him at "Burger King" on 127th off of I57. He had his sons ( believe) in his vehicle. He came to my car, got my final installment payment, gave me my receipt and had to dash (not to cut you short Ms. Anderson but we are about to go watch (some sport program) tv and we can talk later if you have any questions. That's the last physical time I saw Mr. Parker.

My inquiries from this point were few and in between; I waited to see how the repair progressed. When I asked for updates, Mr. Parker referred me to my account on "Total Credit Check" created per his directive. No progress beyond Mr. Parker filing for inquiry to the (3) credit bureaus on my behalf. Once I got the paperwork via mail, I sent it to him via a pic from my phone. Time went by. Once he replied, he apologetically shared the bureaus are back logged on credit inquires being answered.

Exhale... replying to my calls and texts became more and more spaced AND unanswered. Finally, I think it was January 2017, he apologetically calls and states it's tax season and he had been swamped with tax filing AND "Equifax" won't allow my post office box to be the address used for inquires. Mr. Parker 48 hrs after my initial installment said all my funds had been allocated (gone) and (4) months later after my total financial investment he informs me that he needs a physical address AND this means I am starting my progress all over from scratch.

My daughter recently called me due to her current living arrangement, which we are aiming to revamp with the aid of a credit fresh start. My credit since my investment with Fresh Start Capital Investment LLC has not changed at all. No removals, no updates, no consistency of communication from Mr. Parker. "A Total Credit Sweep GUARANTEED" is his plug on his advertisement... In 4 months it will be 1 year later that I began this journey done so as a head start. To just Sweep this experience under the rug isn't deserved, I invested trust in this brother.

Am I an isolated incident? Is it justifiable in his mind because I asked for a portion of my money in time of need to be returned to me? Is it due to Mr. Parker stating that he makes very little money on this portion of many services he offers? Is "Fresh Start Capital Investment LLC" a lesson versus a blessing? Mr. Parker is a former law office employee. I had hoped for a fresher outcome...

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