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Fresh Pulp Media Inc.

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario

Fresh Pulp Media Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 12, 2015

Janet Olson and Eddie Chapman have started a new company named .

These people claim all of these wild things but they are LIARS! (In our opinion)

Eddie approached my wife telling her he would promote her business selling her product line.

Eddie Chapman knew we were a Christian company and he knew that I was jewish but that didn't mean anything obviously.

Eddie and Janet took a 52,000 USD dollar deposit from her and obviously me.

My wife is very trusting woman after the business plan was presented plus all the credentials for example Janet and Eddie worked for a company called CX DIGITAL out of Canada and Janet Olson claims she works for PULSE Media on the side.

Here is her facebook:

Here is her Linkedin:

This is who they really work for. FRESH PULP MEDIA I think the name explains itself.

Here Skype is

Eddie Chapman his Skype is

In my opinion these people belong in prison for what they've done but that of course will never happen.

Janet tried to have to molest my wife at a meeting in Toronto to get the money (Not literally Molest but she offered services and would do anything to get the money let's just leave it at that)

Here comes Eddie he tells my wife how beautiful she is and that by investing in him her internet store will go through the roof in sales and become the next brand in her category.

Before all of this we did our research and both of these people seemed to be very professional the information checked out.

Then all that happened my wife was frightened and afraid to tell me.

These people in my opinion are scammers pure straight and perfect at what they do.

When it comes to Affiliate Marketing they give it a bad name!

Never give them any money! I am now 52,000 dollars out!

When my wife told me all of these sexual things that were attempting to happen, I freaked out and immedietly tried to call them, I tried to reach them on Skype. NOTHING! NO RESPONSE except for these 2 messages. This is what Janet Olson said "Your wife is a s**t and very stupid." Eddie Chapman said to me "I loved having S** with your wife give her the big dogs P****S" They also did leave me a voicemail message saying You people are fools!

I have to admit we were fooled especially my wife. She signed the contract and she gave them the cashiers check.

I am just warning everyone.


STAY AWAY please!

God Bless this website and God Bless everyone who have been messed over by these people.

Thank you!

Reagan and Melissa

(They took our life savings)

We have nothing now and there is nothing we can do.

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