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Fresh Forex

Country United Kingdom
State England
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Fresh Forex Reviews

  • Feb 28, 2017

I’m not supposed to this because I am a professional and this is so low for me, but I’m really pissed with this company right now. I started trading a few months back, because my father-in-law told me that it makes good cash. Just to obey the old man, I made a research on popular and trusted forex brokers. I came across this FreshForex, a trading company which seems to have quite a good reputation. To know more about the company I dug for reviews or comments from traders, anything just to make sure that they won’t run away with my money. They have a lot of positive reviews so I thought that maybe it’s worth the try.

Everything was going well, I was earning profit, though at times I lost some of my investment, but the broker I work with explained to me that it’s a very risky market. My problem with them started when I got a little busy at the office.

I didn’t have enough time to focus on my account and I wasn’t to make any transactions for a while, then the broker kept calling me during office hours, asking me to fund my account and threatening me that I might lose all of my profit. He also said he won’t hesitate to close my account if I don’t make a deposit.

Here comes the worst part, when I said that I can’t fund for the time being because the payment for my house was due and I have to prioritize that, my broker took over my account and kept opening losing trades!!! I called him and begged him to stop because I literally see my earnings drop into nothing, the company zeroed my account and cut all communications. There was no way to contact them anymore, their chat support doesn’t respond to my emails, my comments on their social media page kept being deleted, and the broker is not answering my calls anymore… I lost a lot of money because of them, I hope those scammers burn to the ground!!! Avoid forex SCAMS!

Mark Collins Jr.

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