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Fresh Air Heating and Cooling

Country Canada
City Elliot Lake, Ontario
Address 48 Ontario Ave
Phone (705) 848-3828

Fresh Air Heating and Cooling Reviews

  • Mar 14, 2018

During a recent conversation with Steve (Stephen) Manuel owner of Fresh Air Heating, Air conditioning contractor 48 Ontario Ave Elliot Lake, Ontario. I phoned Fresh Air Heating at the end of February 2018, left a message that my furnace stopped and I needed an exhaust blower assembly, it took about 3 to 4 more phone calls to get in touch with him. I finally got to talk with him when he called me back. I said I needed the exhaust blower assembly and this is the number from the part, he told me he needed the Model of the furnace I told him I would get the number and put it on his answering machine he said no just put it in your mailbox and I will pick it up.

I did better I put it on a large piece of white paper and put it on my front door with 4 magnets just inside the screen door. After well over 2 weeks I phoned him again he said he was very busy and that he had 3 water tank burst and had to replace them. That’s funny he was there in a few hours. He took the paper with the model number on it, I told him to give me a price supply only first. I believe it was the next day he called. He said the price was $460.00 one would be in on Wednesday, I asked him if he was on medication I went on to say I was a retired business owner and serviceman for over 50 years. And his pricing was way out of line. He went on to say that he had a service call to come to my house to pick up the model number of the furnace I had to remind him that I told him I would phone it into his answering machine.

He went on to say that he had to install it, I told him I was a qualified serviceman in the area of low to hi voltage and could do the job myself. I could see he was just coming up with bull s**t to justify the high price of $460.00 price. I called a friend of mine in Toronto who was the owner of a gas service and install company I gave him the model number he called me back in 15 min. and said should have been charged $200.00 and that would give hem over 30% mark up. I did call all of the furnace service company that showed up in Google Search there was a total of 3. I was told by the other 2 companies that Fresh Air Heating was the KeepRite person that did the repairs in this area. If he was sticking me for over $260.00 what is he doing to other seniors in Elliot Lake?

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