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French TV

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Phone (571) 308-8019

French TV Reviews

  • Nov 9, 2017

Company refuses to refund my deposit even though I respected all conditions of return After advising Mr Grosjean of my intent of canceling my subscription to French TV, I sent back the cable box, remote control, HDMI cable and Ethernet cable. Having read negative revues and disputes over deposit refund, I ensured I had witnesses when packing the returned items and used FedEx to send the items on 10/20/2017. On 10/31/2017 I emailed Mr Grosjean, inquiring about the receipt of my shipment, he responded they had not received the box. I then advised him the box had been delivered on 10/24/2017 and signed for by A. Valdes.

At this point Mr Grosjean admitted they had received the box, but the Ethernet cable was missing and therefore my deposit was not going to be refunded. I explained to Mr Grosjean that due to the negative revues I had read, I had been very careful to include all required equipment. After a long email exchange, Mr Grosjean said they videotape every box return and will review the video. I have advised him that I will withhold my final payment for the month of November, even though he received the box 10/24/2017, until the dispute over the deposit is resolved. Since then Mr Grojean only responds to some of my multiple emails and refuses to let me see the video.

  • Oct 9, 2017

Brian is a ripoff. I want my full deposit back as he promised verbally when I told him that I was stopping to use his tv. He promised my deposit refund back by 19 june, even though I mailed all the equipment, the box, the cables, everyone of them, the remote and the machine on March 28. He mentioned it would take 60 days for the company, which is HIM, not the "company" to process. So since june 19th, I have been emailing him, calling him. He plays dead. He has replied to my mother on many occasions so I know he is getting my emails and calls. This man needs to pay back my deposit! I will not stop until I get my check. The deposit was 200 Dollars!

  • May 2, 2017

I signed up for FrenchTV about two years ago at $63/month + deposit for the box. Not only I was not happy with the service b/c it didn't work properly (I have fiber internet), but it is overpriced compared to other similar service providers.

The problems started when I wanted to cancel the suscription. I emailed Brian on March 2 to cancel then he sent me instructions: I had to return the box, remote and cables in their original packaging. Then Brian said that he was going to refund the deposit 90 business days following receipt of the box and accessories. I returned everything except the HDMI and Etherner cables which were not originally included in my box but Brian refused to release my deposit. So I offered to mail an HDMI and Ethernet cable to get my deposit back but Brian never responded to my emails.

I addition to the deposit issue, FrenchTV charged me for the next cycle (on March 6) which does not make sense. I am being charged $64 for a service I can't use b/c I returned the box. Non-sense.

I know I am not the first customer this happened to but I want to warn other potential clients. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. THE WAY THEY HANDLE CANCELLATIONS IS FRAUDULENT.

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