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Freihofers/Nissen Bakery Outlet

Country United States
State Maine
City Gorham
Address 587 Main Street Route 25, ME-25
Phone 1 207-839-0035

Freihofers/Nissen Bakery Outlet Reviews

  • May 17, 2019

Now admittedly, he only overcharged me by a dollar. On that particular Saturday, I was wearing older clothes which were soiled from working on my deeded property, so he probably guesstimated incorrectly that I was too poor and/or too poorly educated to complain about his dishonesty.

Imagine, however, how much extra, tax-free money he can pocket if he "deceptively and cleverly " overcharges every customer. Watch your back with this dirty, little man.....and by all means, watch your wallet.

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