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Country United States
State Texas
City Austin
Address 3307 Northland Dr #360
Phone 1 888-297-6968

FreightPros Reviews

  • May 21, 2019

Seems to be a pattern here, same company, same employees. I used Freightpros for years and had very few issues but when an insurance claim came up, they do not do a thing to help. They are more than willing to sell you the insurance but not file correctly or treat people professionally.

This last incident , I paid for $5k in coverage as I have on the 200+ shipments we booked though them, paid $1,034 for shipping and the items where damaged and returned for us to repair. The total claim was for $4600 (That included shipping) I was offered $1100 because they filed wrong, I paid an additional $1300 to ship it back, Right now I am out $5900 and they after I told them this was not acceptable refuse to help at all.

Great company morals, Look at other options, this is not a good choice. They mislead and when called on it, deflect and try to make it the customers fault. great company of all goes perfect, any issues and they fall apart and the customer is left out. We are fortunate to have great customers that this big debacle with freightpros understood and we worked through it with our customer. it cost us a ton of money but some of us believe in doing what is righr

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