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FreightCenter Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Palm Harbor
Address 34125 U.S. 19 N, Suite 300
Phone 800 716 7608

FreightCenter Inc. Reviews

  • Nov 24, 2017

As countless others have said on all the scam sights about Freightcenter, they quoted a price to ship cargo across the US, actually delivered it, and then rebilled us for 250% more without any justification. The weight and size were correct and verified at the warehouse by an independent trucking company, plus we had shipped the same items before with another company and new the approximate price, so there was no way they could dispute it. They didn't have our new credit card, thankfully, so were not able to recharge it. We contacted the FBI, BBB, FTC, and the FL DA. According to the FL DA, in 2011, Freightcenter was accused of fraudulent practices and the owner was forced to sign a Compliance Agreement, which states that he will no longer conduct his shady, unethical business: re Freightcenter Freightcenter Indictment.

They continue to harass and threaten to send debt collectors. Send your complaint to the FL Attorney General's Office: [email protected] so we can at least put pressure on this corrupt company.

  • Nov 15, 2017

Scam Artist

FC provided a quote, picked up and delivered, then tried to charge 250% extra. I just filed with BBB, AG, and FBI for action.

  • Jun 24, 2017

Plain and simple. They are thieves. They give you an attractive rate on your trucking needs, never confirm they can pick it up, take your credit card payment, than when the truck doesn't show up, they refund all but 15%. I can only assume this is the CEO Matthew Brosious is the architech behind this scam. I confirmed with the carrier that they claimed was going to pick it up that they did not and could not pick up and that they did not charge Freight Center a cancellation charge. So basically, they were unjustly enriched by the 15% fee. I wonder if a good class action lawsuit. Look for coming soon!

  • Dec 8, 2015

Holy Cow... when I read a rebuttal to an ex-employee from a supposed current employee, I registered only to leave this message: Jimmy, learn how to write a letter using proper grammar and you are delusional and probably a "fixer" for the company's bad reputation. I refer to the Better Business Bureau and my own experience. This was the most horrible job I've ever had, that when they fired me, as they did many a poor b******, they're lucky I didn't spit on their floor during my exit. Also, Jimmy's claim of the staff being of high standard is a crock...

The owner's wife's sister, an absolute dog of a woman named Nakita Draxten has the most disgusting mouth for a woman and an awful personality as well. And as the sister in law of the owner, Matt, she must think it's tolerable to drop the F-bomb in every other word that comes out of that filthy mouth. One day, someone used the restroom and obviously left an odor, because Nakita felt the need to scream through the office, that "someone took a f****** smelly s*** in there. It f****** stinks in there!" She is vulgar and ugly and a sad commentary of what the "boss" tolerates. Nepotism at it's lowest.

The company has an impressive front office for unwitting customers, then schlepped all grunt employees to a different site about 100 yards away, that smells like a bowling alley. They change senior and lower staff more often than one changes their underwear. They are crooks that pad customer's bills without their approval and honestly don't care about good business practice. The sales people are bullied into a sales quota that makes them worry about their livelihood or getting fired any day and I'm not suprised that the woman who posted previously was denied her rightly bonus. Horrible, horrible company.

  • Sep 1, 2015

Extremely rude, unhelpful customer service, confusing policies. I was trying to set up a freight shipment for two items I ordered on etsy. When I filled out the form I got to the section that asked about packaging and I selected "boxed" thinking that meant they would box the items I was having shipped. Apparently that wasn't the case as I found out after I'd called, so I called to see what my other options were. Adding the option to have my two things packaged were going to cost. The customer "care" member, Diana, told me it'd be another $500-$600. Since that's twice what I paid for the units, I decided to cancel. I was told I'd have to cancel online and that there would be a 30% "restocking fee" since the order had already been processed. Diana informed me she'd spoken to the supervisor and he'd already said no in regards to giving me a full refund. I asked if I could speak to the supervisor and she said "No, he's busy and he's leaving in 15 minutes." When I said I'd wait she told me I couldn't tie up the line and then she basically hung up on me. So now this shady company is just keeping $90 of my money for doing nothing. Thanks, guys, I'll never be using your service again - Should have read all of the bad reviews there are on the internet already about this company.

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