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Freight All Kinds, Inc.

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 10885 E 51st Ave
Phone 303-289-5433

Freight All Kinds, Inc. Reviews

  • Dec 7, 2017

Judy was the most disrespectful person I have ever met. I was inquiring about a truck she had posted and when I call to get more info she goes off screaming and yelling at me that she doesn't work on the weekends and doesn't have time for this and then continues on saying that she runs an entire office and shes very well respected in the industry. oh and also goes on to say that she's old enough to be my mother. None of which has to do with a truck that I am trying to get information about. After she hung up on me, i emailed her to explain that she cant be talking to people like that when they are wanting to do business with you and she then tells me that i am being disrespectful and rude. Hmm maybe it was because I called her out and I am half her age.

the funny thing that I called her back accidentally the next week because she had a truck posted not even knowing it was her and she goes off on me again! yelling and screaming at me that I am the same kid from last week. I couldn't believe that another human could be this disrespectful to someone that she doesn't even know. it boggles my mind which is why i am coming on here to report her. Not to mention that she has other claims against her saying that she is a scam artist. this "well respected" individual needs to get out. We don't need people like this in the industry.

She seems to have some very serious internal issues that she takes out on other people. I can tell that she feels superior to other people who are younger than she is and that anyone younger should kiss her a*s. She was immediate to tell me how high up she was and how well respected she was and that shes old enough to be my mother when I wasnt even arguing with her. I just want to know more about the truck posted. I dont get why she went off. its like i contacted her at a bad time but i dont think that was the case. . Freight of all Kinds will never get our business again because of this representative.

Way to be a kind, understanding and professional person Judy..sheesh

  • Dec 6, 2016

Patrick Z with ' Freight all Kinds' company wanted me to show up at a company to PU a load Going to Georgia. When i showed up shipper said they don't have no load going to GA. Found out it was Broker's (Freight All Kind)Mistake Patrick Ziegler didn't pay Truck not in use He said because it was his fault n should pay it from his pocket and he doesn't not like to do that.

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