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Freeway Insurance Services, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Huntington Beach
Address 7711 Center Ave #200
Phone (714) 252-2500

Freeway Insurance Services, Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 28, 2018

I purchased an auto insurance policy from Stonewood Insurance Services #GSP90261552-00 through Freeway Insurance on 2/19/2018. I had a policy with Geico (premium $310.00) which was pricey so I shopped with Freeway and was quoted by Marwa AlJanabi a lower premium of $282.00 for a policy with Stonewood. Freeway entered incorrect data on my daughter's age and driving years experience. I mentioned this to Freeway Insurance supervisor Delia Garcia and wanted it corrected because wrong information can render the policy void.

Delia sent an email to Stonewood asking for the amendment to the Declaration. The policy yearly premiums with Freeway's mistakes came to $3,746.52. When I received the correction the amendment yearly premiums came to $4,479.52 a jump of $733.00. I called Stonewood Insurance and spoke with Caesar who stated that he understood my frustration after I stated that Freeways mistake amounted to insurance fraud.

I switched insurance companies for a lower premium not an increase. Cesare directed me to speak with supervisor Brian (Stonewood Insurance). Who blew me off. He stated that he thought I only had a question and to have a nice day. I believe Freeway Insurance made a deliberate mistake in order to make a sale. The broker fee and first months insurance came to $574.00 on my American Express credit card.

I will be moving forward with complaints with Consumer Affairs, California Department of Insurance, Federal Trade Commission and any other agency I feel needs to know I was deliberately defrauded into purchasing with Stonewood by a misquote in premiums. I would also like to point out that Freeway Insurance wasted over three hours of my time with this policy. Marwa AlJanab left Delia Garcia to finish the policy she started. Delia left me on hold numerous times for extended periods of time. She also stated there were technical difficulties sending me my email version of the Stonewood policy/contract.

Freeway deliberately entered incorrect data on my daughter's age and driving years experience in order to make a sale and get their broker fee. I am stuck in a fraudulent contract with Stonewood Insurance based on Freeways' mistakes and both agencies have my money.

  • Jun 20, 2016

Freeway Insurance scammed me with a fake initial premium that looks affordable, then they billed me double my premium amount just a few days from starting my new policy, after I already paid more than $300 in non-refundable fees.

My Freeway Insurance broker falsified my application by inputting inaccurate information and refusing to make changes to my application to reflect my accurate driving record on the basis of "it won't make a difference to insurance". He misled me with an affordable premium that we both agreed upon, only to receive a billing statement with my premium nearly doubled. Among many things, I had to constantly “phone chase” my broker with several calls in a day; he would never call me back. This company is a fraud that scams their customers by reeling them in with an attractive deal only to significantly upcharge your premium, without legitimate cause or notice, after the fact you have already paid a large sum that is “non-refundable”.

Don’t waste your time and money. Do your research online and you’ll find countless poor reviews and consumer complaints. Pay a little more for a legitimate company.

  • May 14, 2016

I haven't gotten any phone calls, emails or any contact from the company and Manager and district manager made fun of me for having a learning disability and they did not pay me my last check, I'm considering hiring a lawyer for discriminating against me for my learning disability also.

Hello my name is nichole gilbert and I tried to file a report with the Better Business Bureau, but it just wasn't allowing me and I've done several reviews about this company and I haven't gotten any phone calls, emails or any contact from the company and I'm trying to figure out how to go about this...I worked here (freeway insurance)for about 6-7 weeks and it's a bad company to work for, they treat their employees like crap especially their managers, my manager liliana Gasetlum made fun of my learning disability and so did the District Manager, Noel and I don't find that funny what so ever. Their employees dress like they're going to the club, with their breasts out and short skirts, it's really inappropriate. I was training to get my insurance license and every time I had asked the District Manager Noel to schedule my test he blew it off and didn't do anything about it. I was driving over an hour every day there and back and making 8.05 an hour and no one, not the manager or anyone taught me anything. Lousy company! Wouldn't recommend anyone to work here. They're very unprofessional and the District manager would come in cussing all the time and was rude to everyone. And they never reimbursed me for my testeachers class, or log in that I paid for. And I'm having to write more, because no one wants to contact me from this unprofessional company, I still haven't gotten my last pay check and it's been 2 weeks, maybe even longer and I'm considering contacting a lawyer since their managers, Lilly and district manager, Noel made fun of me being dyslexic. Liliana- Noel - 3425 W Thunderbird Rd #2, Phoenix, AZ 85053 +16026356586

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