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Country United States
State Utah
City South Provo
Address 1366 East 1120
Website Reviews

  • Mar 27, 2018

I have been usieing free tax for about five years with no problem.I filed with them in Febueray. Got a PREVIEW COPY,

which seemed about right, but I wanted to wait a few days to study it more. I made a copy of it. I was away a few days.

When I got home, I had a couple of E-Mails advising that my Return had not been submitted. I went on-line and hit

submit. They then sent me a subiitted form which was very diffirent from the Review form and gave me about half

of what the review form did. The submitted form did even look like anything believable, with many made up figiuresIt

looked like something a monkey might have done. Of Course the botton line refund was about half of What the PREVIEW

was. I tried to telephone Free Tax, with no results, They didn't want to talk to me. I tryed E-Mail and was insulted and told

that I probabley made the changes. Now I know how FREE TAX makes mo0ney. FRAUD FRAUD Please HELP!!

  • Apr 27, 2017

I was looking for a place to file my taxes for a previous year and FreeTaxUSA looked like everything was going to be done properly. They were easy to navigate and everything looked good to go.

UNTIL they asked for payment. I thought the payment was only because of the State Taxes, which always require payment to E-File. But it was only AFTER I made the payment that I was to find out my taxes could not be E-Filed and I would still need to Print them off, as well as pay for mailing them to their proper offices. SO I paid $14.99 for something I could have done in the IRS website for FREE!!!!

Like I said, the word FREE should NOT be allowed in the name of this company!!!!! They should at least have made it known about the possibility of charges and exactly what you are going to (or could possibly) encounter.

I'll NEVER use them again, and I will make sure to let others know what I experienced. Bad BUSINESS PRACTICE!!!

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