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Country United States
State Virginia
City Stafford
Address 800 Corporate Drive, 3rd Floor
Phone (855) 331-9531
Website Reviews

  • Jul 1, 2018

Since February they have been charging my credit card and I did not authorize them or sign up for their service. I was issued a new card and disputed the carges in March 2018 and the charges started again this month. I never received any thing from them didn't know what their service was till today. They would have received 120.00 it's a fraudulent scam.

  • Feb 10, 2017

ButI was on for a 10 day free trial which offered other services such as Free Credit reports, Free long distant cards, ID Protection Cash for Reviews, I had done 3 reviews but was not informed of the payment cost of the Service Charges, I had done 3 reviews on 1 day then I logged into the website and noticed that my bank Card was charged 18 times and 15 of those reviews were not mine, and so I called the website number to inquire about the 18 $3.00 charges and the 15 reviews that were not mine, and both times I was immediately hung up on, So I had to call my bank to let them know that those were unauthorized charges, I called again to cancel the free trial and she had said that she can not refund those charges because on here end it only showed 1 dollar but on my end it showed my card had 18 charges on it for reviews that was not mine. I also tried to delete my bank information and card, but It would not allow me to do it so I had to cancel both my Banking and Card information. I do hope no one else goes thru this on that website. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!

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