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Country United States
State Utah
City Saint George
Address 169 W 2710 South Circle #202A St.
Phone (866) 383-1280
Website Reviews

  • May 7, 2018

First of all, I had major difficulties finding a number and web address for the company who charged $40 three times! on my personal debit card without my permission! When I called their number found on a fictitious looking webpage my call was answered I started with my name is ———- and I was asked to confirm my identity with my address which I began to provide. I was interrupted by "Lisa” who rudely said "Mam! I don’t even know your name!” I reminded her that I had just introduced myself at the very beginning of the call and provided my name, address and email.

Then she proceeded to tell me that I had signed up for some sort of service that provided me with protection against fraud and identity theft (irony not lost on me). I told her that I signed up for no such service and obviously someone had used my information without my knowledge or permission! She responded by telling me I was mistaken and that I had signed up on this date ——- I told her it was impossible because I had been in the hospital for several months and wasn’t in any condition to be worrying about identity theft and fraud! At this point she argues with me that I did indeed sign up for this service because I passed all her security questions with flying colors! Which I responded repeatedly with my previous complaint, that someone obviously stole my information and that was the whole purpose for my call!

At this point I began getting angry. Next...she argued that I would be crazy to cancel a service that I signed up for which helps safeguard my money up to 1 million dollars! I’m flabbergasted by now. She isn’t hearing me. So I repeat my original complaint and reason for my call. She repeats her whole sales pitch and argues again that I did indeed sign up for this service since I had passed all her "security questions”! AND that she can’t change company policy!

At this point I ask to speak to her supervisor to which she responds by telling me she IS supervisor! I began to raise my voice in anger saying that she obviously has a boss and that I wanted to speak to THAT person. And around we go again. She says she IS THE supervisor! Then she begins again with telling me that I signed up for the service and it was ridiculous that I would throw away the very thing that could protect me up to a million $. That she can’t change company policy....And around we go... having the same entire conversation again! Except this time I’m literally yelling that she isn’t listening to me and that I expect a full refund of the 3 payments of $40 or I will call the BBB, the police, the FBI, Homeland Security, the President and my mom. Finally she responded to that.

She said she would put in a refund request for $40. I told her that I expected a full refund for all charges to my account or that I would call the authorities (and my mom). It took a whole 'nother round of the same conversation before she said she would request that all my money would be refunded. I told her that this is what I was expecting at the very beginning of my call and that we could have avoided my shouting (thinking if she wasn’t listening to me she might be able to understand better if I spoke louder...or something). Then I asked her if this "refund request” was a matter of them deciding whether or not I would have my money refunded or if it was actually something that would happen. She assured me that it would indeed happen and it would take from 10 business days up to a MONTH! This is the point that my furiosity really took over.

I promised her that if my money was not refunded IMMEDIATELY I would make good on my threats to call the authorities. She then acted like she would do me a huge favor by marking my request as "urgent”. And could I please write down this 15 digit cancellation #. She started in on it right away even after I told her to hang on a second so I could find a pen. She raised her voice and told me that she was just trying to give me this code and could I PLEASE WRITE IT DOWN! I angrily told her to hang on a second so I could get to my desk! By this time my service dog had been alerting my from the very first time he had felt my frustration. So I’m sitting at my desk while he is frantically alerting me and I’m waiting for her to finish up her friendly conversations with her coworkers after trying to get her attention repeatedly. Finally she’s back.

I told her that after I write down this code, I’d like to write down the name of the company (I STILL didn’t know who this was!), and the phone #. She told me that I can find it on my caller ID. I told her I was calling from a house phone (really I just wanted her to tell me so I could rattle her about calling the BBB etc). She angrily responded by telling me that all she wanted to do was give me this confirmation code! A few more rounds of this. My throat hurts, my dog is frantic, and I’m done! I finally got the information I’d asked for unsure about why I had to argue to get it. Lastly she wants to chat, telling me that SHE also has a service animal (doesn’t everyone?) and would I please complete the survey at the end of the call and let them know if she was helpful and I she had been rude to me. I hung up. I’m so disgusted that between the phone call and this review, there’s 2 hours of my life I can’t get back. Plus I still have to cancel and report the fraud to my PayPal debit card people. Don’t use this service under ANY circumstances! Read the fine print any time you use your card online. Don’t know what else to say because I don’t know how this happened.

  • Dec 22, 2017

Michael Jacobson, Owner Customer Service telephone number automated answer then no live person to help; Login to website unsuccessful as user id , personal email address, returns not a valid email address preventing any access to my account.Called 12/21/2017 to cancel the service and to accept the $1.00 trial fee for one-time access to my credit scores. Two ACWs appeared on my account: -$1.00 and -$39.95 for one month's membership.Calls to customer service telephone at 866-383-1280 waited on hold for 21:46 minutes without any further service.

  • Oct 31, 2017

Was not able to get response from members service during 7 day trial to cancel membership, finally was able to email someone with their tech support and they said that they could not assist and that I would still have to reach someone by the same number that I have been using. Finally get someone on the phone and they cancel membership for me but deny me the refund because I logged in to the account the day that I was chargerd. I explained that this was the day that I sent their tech support the message through the website messaging service but even though the proof was there they said that it wasn't their fault that the account was left open. I explained that it wasn't my fault that their 10-30 minute wait times wasn't my fault and after that every call I made was silent.

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