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FreeRolls Poker Club

Country United States
State Utah
Address 24025 KATY FREEWAY
Phone 281-675-5510

FreeRolls Poker Club Reviews

  • Mar 26, 2019

Trent Daniel and his cohorts Joanne Melton and Charles Potter, have opened a poker club in Katy,Tx. Trent has no credit, no money, and a terrible history of bad deals, botched ventures etc. so he went on the hunt for investors. After securing something like 900,000 from these investors total. He builds a poker club to the tune of 600k. But is still in debt over 400k.

So the club cost 600k he still owes 400k on the project and took in 900k yes there’s some holes here. He has lied to everyone about everything. He can’t keep it all straight there’s so many lies.. but he’s "selling” stock so hopefully we will have some sort of recourse.

If you are approached by him in any capacity run the other way. Not one single person who has involved themselves with this man has come out of it better than when they went in .. he’s a parasite, a cancer, and will never honor his debts

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