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Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Chadds Ford
Address 300, 6 Dickinson Dr #301a
Phone 855-315-7283
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  • Feb 8, 2019

Great Experience

I've closed a bunch of deals off of FreeRateUpdate leads over the years. In fact, 90% of my lead buy goes to them because their leads convert so well. I know it's a numbers game, but their renewed focus on overall quality and vetting in 2019 has further solidified them as my go-to lead provider.

  • Jul 8, 2018

I am one of the buyers of lead from Free Rate. I buy live transfer leads and those calls get recorded. nearly 50% of the leads verbally express that we are the 4th person calling them regarding an online inquiry. so whether these are transferred, exclusive or non exclusive, there is absolutely no difference. you will be paying top dollar to compete with other companies. Exclusive or live transferred mean nothing. Also, 40 percent of the leads state that they never had an interest in obtaining a quote, If the phone rep is trying to transfer them, the lead is saying im not interested at all and the rep still sends the call over so that the charge can still be incurred.

  • Apr 10, 2018

Stay away from this company. Over 95% of the leads they sell is bogus leads with disconnected phone number or wrong phone number and wrong email address. They are nothing but to rip people off.

  • Jul 13, 2017

I felt I needed to share my experience with, this company, my estimation has the worst ROI I have ever experienced. The service was terrible as well. They randomly charge you for leads that are DOA and they KNOW IT!!

The last straw was today when they charged me $32.50 for a SEMI-EXCLUSIVE lead. The notes on my billing account stated they had a PURCHASE CONTRACT. I spoke to them right after I received the lead and the prospect said they aren't in the market for another 6 months and hadn't even looked at homes. I truely beleive like so many of the leads I received through this company were bogus. They will not refund, they say it's buildt into the pricing. I recieved 33 Leads from this company, NOT ONE was creditable or seemed real. A lot of GMAIL addresses and after I went back to re-email some of the leads, a good amount of the emails bounced back "UNDELIVERABLE"

I have found there are so many more ethical lead sources to use. Once again, this is my experience and if you decide to

do business with them, you can't say you weren't given a heads up!!

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