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Freeman Frenchies

Country United States
State Missouri
City Neosho
Address 8558 Hwy NN
Phone 417-540-2022

Freeman Frenchies Reviews

  • Jul 30, 2018

I do not advise purchasing a puppy from Freeman Frenchies (Freeman French Bulldogs in Neosho (Seneca), Missouri, no matter how cute the puppy pictures are and how eager you are to purchase one! Some of their sites state Seneca, some say Neosho. I was trying to give the breeder the benefit of the doubt before I started submitting reviews to try and warn others, however after it being over four months since I purchased my puppy and still have the issue unresolved I wanted to share so hopefully others don't have to go through this frustration. I found the breeder through AKC Marketplace and while I did see the other negative review, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and took her word for the explanation of what I'd read especially since she was listed on the AKC Marketplace website.

I and am currently working with AKC to attempt to get the paperwork for my puppy that I picked up late March. I was told multiple times by the breeder, all of which is documented, that she submitted the registration paperwork to AKC and even that she called them to confirm it had been received, however later found out from AKC they never received any paperwork on my puppy. The breeder had advised (and gave paperwork) that she submits everything for the buyers to register the pure breed puppy with AKC and registration of the microchip she put in my puppy as well as other things. While my puppy has a microchip, if this isn't resolved I will have to have her chipped again so I can ensure she is registered to me should something ever happen and she get lost. Prior to me reaching out to AKC for assistance the breeder had stopped responding to my texts and email. Considering I paid $2000 for my puppy it makes me question if the breeder is a legitimate full blood Frenchie breeder, or if she is scamming since after several weeks she also hasn't responded to the letter AKC sent her.

Another odd thing is that even though I purchased my puppy through Freeman Frenchies which is under the listed address, I found out last minute my puppies litter was being raised at her daughters house and her daughter had gotten behind on the puppy shots. I only have text photos of mom and dad as they were not on site either when I picked up my puppy. Another big lesson I have learned through all of this is that if you are purchasing a full breed with AKC registered parents, get a copy of the parents AKC registration information so that should you have any problems you can give that information to AKC. I didn't know to get that information, nor did the breeder send me the parents AKC #'s when AKC requested them. There are a TON of other breeders out there, based on my experience I would suggest not purchasing your new fur baby from this breeder!

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