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Freelancer Technology Pty Limited

Country Australia
State New South Wales
City Sydney
Address Level 20, World Square 680 George Street
Phone 61-296-929-980

Freelancer Technology Pty Limited Reviews

  • Jul 22, 2019

I hired a freelancer to build my website, paid $4,000 of the $10,000 I agreed on, ended up closing my freelancers account, with no respect to my ongoing project, I never received any website, and is telling me my money is gone and is unrecoverable. also told me to hire a new freelancer, in other words they are not upholding their on policy and I’m now out $4,000. This is a total scam and I want my $4,000 back, I’m not the one who closed this freelancers account, they did, therefore they are responsible.

  • Feb 4, 2019

They refused to let me withdraw my funds despite my account being verified. They then opted to require me to verify again, never replied to my responses on the verification request, and then suspended my account.

My next step is to pursue them in court, as my legal council has advised me their Terms are nullified by their suspension of my account. I just wanted to let people here know.

  • Dec 1, 2018

I hired a contractor with the name MD Rayhan through freelancer's marketplace. He does some work and I made payments to him. Freelancer locked his account so he could not receive my payments. He then accuses me of not paying him so I contacted for a refund. Freelancer will not refund me or give my payments to Rayhan for his work. Rayhan then tells me to pay him what would be double by paying again. When I refused, Rayhan puts on my social media accusations that I refused to pay him and is calling to action a group to make a law suit against me. This whole time I am talking to freelancer who continue to refuse to refund,and refuses to do anything to recover property this guy deleted or damaged. I lost my business facebook page, and had to delete lots of posts that he put in my accounts. I am continuing to deal with this that is all thanks to using Freelancer to hire a "professional."

  • Jul 4, 2018

A user from freelancer asked me to work through skype, for 13$/hr, we did the first week then he sent me a confirmaton transaction number but yet i did not arrive, and we accomplish our 2nd week , then he disappeared/

  • Mar 27, 2018

Hi, my name is John B, and I am a semi successful freelancer writer. I have been writing for some time now and have work for people all over the world. Mostly I have used a freelancer site of the same name to get work in but recently have been less than excited about the service I was receiving.

A couple of weeks ago I got a job to write some articles for an employer via the freelancer site. The job was to write articles every day on various topics. I was pleased with the job as it was right up the ally of my skill. According to the site, it is suggested that all communication is done via the site and so that is exactly what I did. Also, I made sure that all checks and balances were done right before I started with the assignment.

Along with using the freelancer site’s application as the time tracker for the work and uploading every article to the project. After 3 weeks and 70 articles I was disappointed to find out that the all the security measures that are in place to prevent fraudulent transactions, I was staring down the barrel of 3 weeks of unpaid work. A total of $1970.00 worth of work according to the website application.

The employer turned out to be a scam artist and the worst thing of all is that the site did not inform me of the potential security risk until after the fact. And as it stands now they are just washing their hands of the whole situation.

As a freelance writer, I promote my skills and services on various freelance websites all over. And for the most part the going is great but this time unfortunately it did not.

On the Feb 23, 2018, I received a response from an employer wanting articles written within a time limit every day. I was also told that it was going to be a long-term project. I was rather excited and of course got right into it. Over the next three weeks I completed almost 70 articles for the project.

I was really enjoying the work, as it was interesting and challenging. Every week and the time tracking app that I downloaded from their website did all the admin for me and I could see that I was earning some decent money.

After the first week the app invoiced, and I was told that because it’s the first transaction it would take approx. 72 to process for security reasons. However, we had a small problem with the application when it crashed, and Freelancer informed us that the whole system would need to be restored and that would take a week.

At this point I was a little concerned and when I enquired with the employer and I was reassured that it was all in order and that payment would just be delayed. So, we carried on delivering 5-7 articles every day.

It was not until the third week that things started going wrong. I received an email from Freelancer saying that the employer account was under funded and that it might have breached their terms and conditions. When I asked about that I was told that it was a dispute with freelancer and the employer regards the app issues. I even got the support centre to check and all I got was that the employer did not comply to the terms and conditions.

I asked for payment immediately from the employer and at first said that it would have to be at the end of the week. I refused this based on the contradicting stories and he said to me that he would do it within the hour.

I never heard from him again. The skype account has gone dark – completedwork0 – and the 2 accounts he had with freelancer that had other contact details listed were closed by freelancer and they won’t disclose any details at all.

All said and done – I spent 3 weeks delivering top quality work without payment and I have no idea how to track the employer.

I am going to list the articles here just like the previous person did so that somehow, we might be able to track down this corrupt person. I believe that this is just utterly disgusting to use people like this. My family rely on me to support them and I rely my resources to support me. with all the resources and security measures that they have could not spot the repeat offender nor could they give me any support in tracking the person down after fact. They have just washed their hands of the whole situation and lays blame on me for the whole thing.

FACT – I used their system exactly as they prescribed, and I used their time tracker application. What else must I do to be more compliant.

I really do hope that somehow this person gets found and that this does not happen to someone else.

  • Mar 13, 2018 a place which will ruin your life, time and money. proclaim itself as the biggest Job marketplace but in my opinion, its a largest network of scammers where if you will start the career then you have to face 95% scammer and fraud employers and approx 90% fake projects (According to me freelancer staffs are posting fake projects).

I had joined in 2014 and at starting phase on freelancer they limited my account twice without any reason and opened my account after a lot of verification with many identities. I will suggest everyone not to share your identity proof with freelancer as they or their staffs may misuse your identity in many criminal activities. Apart from it, when they limited my account first time there were approx 350USD in my account which I had earned after completing work and when they opened my account there was nothing in my account. Seconding time there were more than 100USD which also disappeared when they lifted limitation after one month. Apart from it, many times they have returned money for completed work (I am not sure if the returned to the employer or kept into their freelancer account as I have loosed trust from freelancer).

Now started a New drama. Some employers come and get their work and when I asked them to release my work amount the fraud employers making fake allegation even they were satisfied before and freelancer restricted my bidding without checking the working proof or inspecting the whole scenario that who is wrong or who is right. They are not reading communication made between me and employer to check that employer satisfied which he mentioned during the chat. This is third time they restricted my bidding and forced me to refund money (Here i am also not sure if they refunded it to employer or kept into their account).

Apart from it, when i tried to ask questions about the issue freelancer support always disconnected the chat without giving me proper answer.

If you will search the web you will find many complaints and i am going to file a complaint against in Indian consumer court and will also notify cyber fraud protection department to ban this website in India.

There are many thing which i can't explain in words. They created physical, economical and mental tention for me. I was planning since long time to make my review about freelancer but thought they will correct their system but they are becoming more aggressive to support spammer employers.

Last but not least. Just open a tea stall or start other business if you are not getting a good job but don't Join freelancer as you will always get cheated here..

  • Feb 24, 2018

I've been using for years. Never got a bad review, never got a complaint. Whenever I contacted tech support they never helped. It seems like they're not even reading your messages, but just copying and pasting from some source.

An employer posted an illegal project. At the time I accepted it I didn't know it was illegal, but the further I talked to him it became clearer and clearer that this is academic cheating, which violates terms of service of Also there was another terms of service violation where he insulted me.

The support team doesn't wanna help, one of the staff member who is in sales told me I should report the project and the employer, but the support that is supposed to handle this didn't help at all. They keep closing the chat and my reports didn't even get reviewed! I filed a dispute with all the evidence I have, but I know that disputes never end well for freelancers.

I worked really hard to build reputation on this website and now one guy who is registered day before posting a project, has no feedback, no verified identity will most likely win a dispute where I provided all of the evidence.

  • Jan 27, 2018

Here is there email and they emptied my account. The corporate credit card was used in 2015 and closed in 2015, The card was no longer attached to my account. They stole US$161.21 that were for transactions processed in 2017. They are claiming that a card I no longer have and it is not my account and it is no longer valid could process a valid charge back. The transactions they stole from me were paid in 2017 by a customer and from my other credit card. Be aware they are crooks. Every retailer knows that a charge back must have a plaintiff and that plaintiff has to have standing to request the chargeback. In addition, it requires a valid transaction. Since the card was closed in 2015 it is hard to see where the vaild transaction could have occurred for 2017 charges charged to a different credit card. BE CAREFULL THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU.

Nicole Jones

Hello Joel,

Thank you for this information.

I'm sorry about the card being charged despite its closure. To explain, when you used it back in 2015, the card details were recorded in your Billing Agreement which made it as verified funding source wherein auto-payments can be made. This is enabled either through the registration of the card details as the verified payment source of your account or it can be done with the processing of your initial deposit through our deposit page. With this Billing Agreement in place, you authorize the system to draft funds from your card once the balance in your account is unable to cover the membership plan fee, project fees or upgrades, or the creation of a Milestone Payment. This feature provides you with an easy and convenient way of dealing with your projects without manually depositing funds into your account.

You can refer to this article from our Support Center regarding the Billing Agreement:

Although, I can assure you that the said card details have already removed as a preventive measure.

At this point, since the card was already closed and it may no longer be possible to cancel chargeback claim that was filed by the bank, I've decided to lock those deposits since the chargeback is inevitable. That being said, you currently have an outstanding balance of $28.81 USD which is from the $25 USD Project fee of the project "UJAT CARECUBE" and partially from your $107.4 USD Plus annual membership. These were formerly paid by those deposits which are being charged back.

Finally, I have already lifted your account limitation. However, if in case your account gets limited again once the bank makes the final verdict to chargeback those two deposits, please let me know so that I can immediately lift the limitation.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. If you wish to raise additional concerns, please let me know or you can send an email to "[email protected]"

  • Dec 9, 2017

I was a member of freelancer since last summer 16, after working so hard, I made a public image on freelancer. I wrote this mail to freelancer today "Dear Sir,

I want to bring to your kind notice that I am a very old freelancer to your firm. i have worked for many projects and also hired many freelancer, I am currently working on a project with my client of $430, who's deadline is due this 12th December. I know, but I need to meet the requirement for that freelancer and have to submit his project. Also, I have invited more than 80 friends to freelancer and have also earned more than 1600$ referral money. Sir, please activate my account as soon as possible, as my clients will suffer this way. Please take necessary steps....

Also, if possible kindly revert back as soon as possible. Regards, Parth Singh"

they took all my money which I earned, Reply i got for losing the money was "Hi,

Thank you for contacting Support.

Your account "trustpartner" has been closed by administration because you have violated our Terms and Conditions. We offer no recourse or rebuttal for this penalty.

It is stated in our Terms & Conditions that may terminate the participation of a user if we think that they are creating problems, legal liabilities (actual or potential), infringing someone else's intellectual property rights, engaging in fraudulent, immoral or illegal activities, or for other similar reasons.

Feel free to contact us if you have other concerns.



Aaron Support" I'm pretty sure they are breaking the law by withholding your funds.

I would contact a lawyer.

You were paid by clients, they simply act as a medium.

So there shouldn't be any reason for them to withhold the transactions from client to service provider. That money never belonged to them.

I could be wrong, so don't take any of this as any sort of advice, but I think that's how it works... they have closed my account and I have lost all my funds earned... my username was parthsingh19 on freelancer.

  • Nov 8, 2017

I'll take this to CNN if I have to. They won't put up there phone number, so I can't call them. I've called Pay Pal and asked them to close their account. Plus I'm gone report them to the Better Business Bureau. Times are hard nobody have money to throw away. I also see that they've scammed other people too.

  • Sep 20, 2017

Foolishly gave them my card before any work was completed.

Have repeatedly emailed them when I disovered payments from my account.

They have a phone number that no one answers +61 (02) 8599 2700 from their annual report

My plan is to: contact investors in this company; Lodge a report with the ASX and Fair Trading

  • May 31, 2017

New to upwork, I applied to only a few jobs. When offered one so quick, I immediately thought that it must be a scam. Further ignoring my inner paranoia, I decided to listen to a friend and give that offer an accpetance. The message titled to one 'George Marsking" from Edenville, US states in bad english:

Hi, thanks for applying to my job. so it works likes this. I hire you and when we start, I send a topic and you do within 2hrs max and send back and I give you another . so it's like that until we do 5 articles daily, 5-6 days a week. okay? As you work, you track time with time tracker for secured payment. Can you work like that? If so Can you add me on skype at completedwork0 under ( Content Writing Team) so I hire you and we start?


After accepting this shady offer, the scammer then sends me instructions on opening up a Freelancer account instead as he is not set up with Upwork this week.

I was very eager and stupidly accepted this offer. After three days of working like a dog and at nine months pregnant, my eyesight started to whither. I had left my sales associate job to take it easy when I first found out that I was preganant and here I was: Excited to start a new career as a writer. That somone just gave me a chance and here comes my first rating, increasing my odds at future success. YUP.

I wrote 9 articles under a time clock and pressure. There was a death in the family and my in laws rushed to the airport the same, but I kept going. In hopes of a career, of hard work, of beter luck and little did I know I was getting scammed, Now what really irks me is that this scammer is most likely indian. I can't stand such scamming two faced wannabees stealing and lying and taking from us. Especially after how badly they want to be us. UGH.

I am going to blog the stolen articles to catch the scammer. If there is a such thing as the internet police, I am ready to join. This scammer made me research topics and write about them. it was obvious that he or she can not write and was stealing other people's info. I made a mistake doubting myself. Never again.

I want to make this person pay for what they owe me. If not, then at least give credit to my articles that he stole and wanted me to take from others. The articles he or she made me write in 2 hours max (each)

10 Things To Try on Your Yard This Spring 550 words

Top 10 Motorcycle Wheel Chocks in 2017 Reviews 1500 words

Why Invest in Cryptocurrency Platforms? 800 words

Detroit Is The Place To Go When You Want an Acting Role. 600 words

Juice With Usha Nutripress 600 words 550 words

Novelty Lamps-Bring Humor and Livelihood to Your Home. 350 words

Can You Microwave Solo Cups? 500 words

10 Coolest Strongest Toys You Wished You Could Have 1150 words

A Money Saving Breakfast Usinig Yesterday's Potatoes 550 words

Plus, I had to research each topic before wrting and I did. Thoroughly and fast. My unborn baby is not happy with the abuse I did to myself and so is my family for I did not leave this scammer be. I am an American and I will truly never let this go. I want to see justice. I need to fix this! My stolen work, and this is a foregner stealin US info. No. I want everyone to keep an eye out for these articles and flagged them with disrespect.

  • May 26, 2017

I had freelancers do two websites for me it was linked on they never followed through with what they said" and it cost me money several times they stole my scramble my essay web site and blocked me from accessing it. When i finally loged on to the program that sarista from new port beach did was wiped away. I tried to contact freelancers and they blocked me from all contact to them please help.

  • Apr 22, 2017

I have been aproached by the " site suggesting software programing services.... building web site for business.

The programmer assigned was Sanjai.

The work has not been done while I have been pushed to pay and to pay for milestones.

Freelancer site does not do anything to control/correct/direct the emplyees. The programmers seems to be sturved for money and will cheat / fake work.


You most likely endup with loss of money time and gain only frastration.

I spent about $2000, and got zero!!!!

  • Apr 21, 2017 is a popular site that features jobs in all skill sets. After gettting their so called cerficiations, I applied to several jobs as a writer. A window popped up that I was hired to be a virtual assitant for $600. I said no I don't want this job but it accepted it. Immediately they billed my Paypal for $60. The company never provided any work, any money or even answered the phone.

When I complained to the support guy he was very arrogant, and kept saying that they get their commission it was my problem to get money from the guy and should be careful.

I said this was a scam, and finally threatned him with the police.

He wouldn't end my account so I had to erase every trace of my profile. He wouldn't change my phone number and I could not remove it. So then he said he was refunding me $60 but I had to give him my Paypal account again to get it.

I said no thanks, I'll just resolve it with Paypal and that the certificates I paid for that day were no good since the entire site is a complete and total scam.

It was shocking to me since I had heard of this site before, but I guess this is how they run these sites.

They also try for your credit card, but I did not give them this.

Paypal is now investigating to see if there are others who suffered the same fate of getting chraged for a fake job that never paid off, you never applied for, and no one ever answered the phone and youc ould not cancel out!

This is taking advantage of people looking for work.

  • Mar 10, 2017 took monies from a user, including the $400.00 it obtained for the work she has completed on a seven hundred and fifty dollar project. took 1) the fee illegally FREELANCER.COM from a user's BANK ACCOUNT without her authorization. demands illegally identification from her to validate her bank account and to get paid, of which bank account, on almost a daily basis, previously, has taken a user'S personal funds. violates the California law which prohibits the asking for identity information, copying identification information, and or transmitting identity or personal information without encryption. Specifically, violates California Civil Code Sections 1798 et seq and the California Constitution, Article One, Section One. has no legal authority to collect and maintain the personal identifications of persons seeking work and allows to use its job board. commits theft of funds from its users when taking a 10% fee for the work its users perform. is taking funds unlawfully from project providers and obtaining unjust enrichment from MONEY it fraudulently claims are compensation to the user.

  • Dec 26, 2016 stole money from both the hiring party (the employer), and myself (the freelancer).

Once we contacted customer service, they went into automation mode, refusing to proactively respond to our requests.

  • Dec 25, 2016

If you leave a money balance in your freelancer account and you do not log in for 6 months, they will start deducting money from your account with out any kind of notifications. They state the reason they take the money is to cover there expenses. If you don't have money in your account then nothing is charged.

User Accounts that have not logged in for six months will incur a maintenance fee of up to $10.00 USD per month until either the account is terminated or reactivated. This charge is for storage, bandwidth, support and management costs of providing hosting of the user's profile, portfolio storage, listing in directories, provision of the HireMe service, file storage, and message storage.

Here are my charges:

Aug 2016 Monthly dormant account fee taken (USD) -10.00

Jul 2016 Monthly dormant account fee taken (USD) -10.00

Jun 2016 Monthly dormant account fee taken (USD) -10.00

When you complain they tell you the money is refundable but they cook the records and remove them from my transactions. So now I don't know what's going on or how much money they've taken. I can't trust the records they provide me.

DO NOT LEAVE MONEY IN YOUR ACCOUNT! They are dishonest and will take your funds when you are not looking.

  • Dec 22, 2016

I had my first successful gig for $15 and was encouraged to bid for more work. Then I bid for a $555 project and it awarded me the bid, I was so excited and was willing to really work hard. Then my credit card company contacted to inform me of a suspicious charge in my card. Then I realized that Freelancer charged me $50 just from accepting the bid. This means that if the employer decides not to pay me, Freelancer still gets the $50. Non-refundable.

This is horrible and unfair and clearly just one of their tactics to milk money out of freelancers. They will mention that it is in their terms and conditions. Sure, I failed to read that part and I'm so sad that they can get away with this just because of that.

They take advantage of us saying "it's a safe environment, you can bid for free," in all their marketing and promotional materials and then fail to put that fine print.

What happens is I bid for a project, then the employer would award the winner. The freelancer has 36 hours to accept the bid. Because I was so excited, I accepted it thinking I have nothing to lose (but actually, I got charged for that $50 fee already).

They sent an email saying, in verbatim, "Congratulations on your winning bid! Accept the project so that we can start work on amazing things together -- Accept the Project. This offer to work expires in 36 hours."

They didn't even include a warning there somewhere to remind us that, something like "Please note, once you accept the project, you will be charged of the service fee." Just to remind people that this is how they do things. But no. The copywriting of this email actually would make the freelancer think "The offer expires soon, I better get this so I can work now."

Here is why is a scam:

1. They only care about money. Sure, all businesses do, but good business practice means you are always transparent, not just fine printing, and you want to make money but also care about other people.

2. They don't care if freelancers, especially the newbies, who are struggling to get work via their website gets scammed.

3. They protect the employers, but not the freelancers. Employers have all layers of protection and security. Of course wants to protect employers, they are the ones who provide a lot of revenue. If they offer such a huge project, this means gets a lot of money too!

4. Freelancers have to pay for bids, to get certified. Apart from chopping of 10% off our hard earned money, sometimes we freelancers have to pay for pay so we can bid on more projects. Freelancers also need to pay for their own "certification" and I attempted one quiz that has bugs. It submitted 0/40. When I answered everything and I was pretty confident of my answers. They emailed and said it was my fault... How can that be why do I want to fail! As far as I can remember, they did not refund me for this and instead they suggested that I "retake" of course for another $5 fee.

5. They offer no refund or no protection for freelancers. In fact, I have a theory that they would employ someone to pretend to be an employer and then scam all newbies and milk them an easy money. For the project I bid for, the amount was $555. 3 freelancers were awarded. That's an easy $150 (50x3) in's bank.

6. Lots of Trolls and fake employees. They don't actively police against these and they don't care if you got scammed and will put the blame on you that you did not read the terms and conditions.

This is an evil company and the top management are able to sleep in their luxurious homes while freelancers get scammed. It took me about 8 hours for a $15 pay. It took them 30 seconds to scam me and take away $50 from me. While they are protected with this "terms and conditions" thing, I say, this is the exact reason why is a scam. They take advantage that people do not read T&C, and lurk and milk the money

Why can't they just refund?

This is literally money they don't genuinely earn. This money encourages trolls and scammers to be prevalent on their website. They do not care because they still earn money while people are being scammed. They don't care becasue money flows to their bank accounts. They won't refund you because they are a scam!

Their business needs to stop! I suggested that they be more forward and upfront with the fee before someone hits "approve bid", but they don't listen. They are good with their "business strategy" one that is easy money, stealing money from hardworking freelancers.

  • Dec 10, 2016

DO NOT use

Freelancer has many totally unqualified so called "techs" that have NO idea what they are doing.

I hired one and quickly found out he didn't even have minimal skills. Luckily, he withdrew on his own.

I hired another, named Vivek, who struggled to do basic, simple tasks that others have done with no problem. I paid him for it. For another task he totally screwed up my web site. I had to have my web host re-set the web site to restore it. When I told this nut case I no longer need his service, he said 2x he would return the money I put into the milestone to pay for the guy's work upon completion. This unskilled, incompetent LIAR Vivek, then filed a dispute just to be vindictive and harass me after he sais 2x he would release my money. Once someone files a dispute FREELANCER.COM puts a hold on your money. FREELANCER seizes your money until the dispute is resolved. Vivek cursed me, used vulgar language, which was of NO concern to Freelancer. FREELANCER permits this type of behavior from it's "techs" to their paying clients as long as Freelancer is making money off of them.

I asked Freelancer to show me where the task was completed successfuly, they ignored me, and permitted their nut case, unskilled, unqualifed, so called "tech" to continue to harass me and attempt to access my web site.

Freelancer is GARGABE. Their low cost overseas "techs" are amateurs that LIE to get work. Freelancer's people use other peoples work as their own to get hired. Many of Freelancer's people who apply for a job are actually just salespeople who work for companies in India and elsewhere, and have no skills.

Also, when you put money into a milestone, to cover the cost of the agreed upon work, Feelancer helps themselves to all sorts of fees that they do NOTHING to inform you about when you make a Payment for services to be rendered. You get unexpected SURPRISE charges.

Do not waste your time or your money and risk your web site using

Do not have your money SEIZED by Freelancer because you mistakenly hired an unskilled, incompetent, unprofeesionsl, vindictive LIAR, that Freelancer vouched for, who lied about the skills they don't have, and LIE about returning YOUR money.

I have the emails to prove EVERYTHING I said above.

DO NOT use

  • Nov 15, 2016

Freelancer closed my account and transacted all my funds without any notice and they say that they can do this as they please.

They refuse any cooperation and scam people for their hard earned money.

I am willing to press charges as they refuse to say anything and can not prove a single thing they claim that they close or terminate accounts for.

  • Oct 21, 2016

Initially I signed up as a writer that was looking for extra work. I decided that I would deposit some money into my account after I had my own need for a freelance worker to help me with editing. Another editor from a different website facilitated that need for me, so I never used the money I had deposited. I imagined was legimate and that my deposit would be on my account thereafter anyways. A few weeks went by and I saw that charged me through PayPal a monthly fee. I was irate, by that time I had learned that was not a helpful institution and had given up on the site. The main reason was that money that I had deposited to the account became inaccessible and they would not return it to me. Thinking to myself 'wow, they've robbed me once and now they're robbing me monthly!', I quickly began searching the Internet for a way to speak to an admin or anyone who actually worked for the "business". I was never contacted by anyone even though I repeatedly reached out to Then the unthinkable happened. Just today I was catching up on emails and as of yesterday charged me another monthly fee! is the #1 example of disgusting business practices. Robbing the people they claim to help and then hiding behind the veil of the the Internet, the same veil they used to hide their desperately deceptive countenance.

  • Sep 8, 2016


I have used for the past 3 months and noticed that they continually take small debits from my bank account. Even now as I have closed my account they continue to take money from my account.

I have had to file over 100 credit card disputes in order to get back the money that has unlawfully stolen without my permission or authorization.

I also had to close one of my business accounts because was somehow able to create an ACH draft and take money from the account.

In total they have stolen over $6,000.00 from my company.

Also be aware that many of the people that work as freelancers on their website are hackers that will ruin your website and sell your data.

  • Apr 6, 2016

I hired a freelancer by the name coorymark to resize a book and to put a bleed trim on each page..she knew the book was for print purposes and never did the job..I was unable to identify the issue until it was sent to Amazon for print and rejected..The matter was reported and they lied and say I never responded to their emails, consequently I was denied a refund..they lied! I responded to every email..

  • Mar 31, 2016

I started off using this website with little hassle. Half the battle is finding a legitimate client who pays you a decent wage for your work. I complain now because someone created a project which I accepted. Instead of charging me after I made money for a project fee, did so upfront without notice leaving me -$2,000. I contacted them immediately because the client was not talking with me and reported it as a false project and asking for a refund. They denied me my refund stating it was not in their policy. I checked the user agreement and replied saying it is in their policy. They have said nothing since.

The most difficult part of this situation is their lack of communication. In the immediate reply, they state they will give you feedback within 72 hours. This is false. It took them a week to contact me the first time. Since my rebuttal to their feedback it has been another week and they have done nothing.

  • Jan 16, 2016

I took their basic numeracy skills test so I could add something else to my profile to show to prospective clients. Their tests - or at least the ones I looked at - cost $5.00 plus a processing fee of around $0.42. Here's an actual question exactly as it appeared on the test I took:

"John eat 2 pieces of apples a day. Now, is Thursday, but he remembered the his apples left after eating apples during Monday are 30 pieces after that, he gave the half of all his apples to her daughter. How many apples left, if today is Friday after eating the two pieces of apples?"

At least three other questions on the test had issues, such as multiple correct answers or no correct answer. Needless to say, this is completely unprofessional, especially considering these are paid tests. How can I showcase my skills to prospective clients with a test like this? After the test was completed, there was an option to add more questions to the test.

It looks like they don't even verify new questions for accuracy.

I contacted customer support and 4 days later I was told they do not refund the exam fees. Instead, they offered to let me take another exam for free and they offered me one free month of the lowest paid membership option. First, there's no way I'm ever taking another exam for that site, free or not. Second, because of the exam that I did take I was already eligible for one free month of a higher-level paid membership, so offering me the lowest one is completely pointless.

Based on this experience and the countless other reviews I've read about this site, I just decided to cut my losses and run. I advise you all to avoid this shady site.

  • Nov 6, 2015

I signed up with Freelancer to do some translation job.

And I did the $1200 worth of job and when I asked them where is my payment.

They said it will be within a week.

Then told me to fill out the invoice. Never recived it.

Then told me to send in my own.

When I asked them how much they are going to pay because i was told they will pay me bonus for finishing early.

They told me $20.00!!!!!!

When I got mad, I can't contact anyone from this comapny the or Freelancer.

  • Oct 9, 2015

I have done business on for almost two years and have completed over 50 projects. All of a sudden they closed my account and required me to verify my identity.

The process is rediculous and requires providing them copies of your drivers license, bank statements, and a mug shot of you holding your ID and a verification number. It would not be so bad but they keep declining your submissions. I have done a search online and they seem to do this to everyone.

The Verification department does not have a phone number or an email address. So you just keep going around in circles trying to login and get access to your funds.

There are many other freelancer sites out there and I encourage people to go to , or any other freelance site instead.

I have done over 75 freelancer projects as an employer and my strong recommendation is to stay clear of freelancer. com.

  • Oct 1, 2015

Freelancer ( is engaging in unlawful acts abroad as it pertains to online billing of United States consumer debit cards. Their business practices are unethical and pose a threat to consumers at large. Upon opening an account on their website at the company proceeds to withdrawal funds from consumer bank accounts minus rendering of any goods or services. Despite dozens of complaints freelancers continues to abuse account holders personal information by billing multiple fees to their debit and/or credit cards. The company can be reached via the following addresses: MATT BARRIE FREELANCER TECHNOLOGY PTY LIMITED SUITE 52, JONES BAY WHARF 26-32 PIRRAMA ROAD, PYRMONT SYDNEY, NSW 200 AU Phone: +61.296929980 Registrant Fax: +61.296929980 Registrant Fax Ext: Registrant Email: [email protected] MATT BARRIE SUITE 52, JONES BAY WHARF 26-32 PIRRAMA ROAD, PYRMONT SYDNEY, NSW 2009 AU Report them to the Attorney General of Austrailia and their local law enforcement agency.

  • Aug 22, 2015

I hired a freelancer name aslanyanartak2 to build a website. I set of a milestone payment of $40 dollars to be release when half of site was completed and reviewed and I have yet to have that obligation met. The remainder would be paid upon site completion by aslanyanartak2 (The Freelancer) has failed to deliver completion of half of site for review and instead sent me to a web design sample link which only showed an basic word press theme that in no way reflects the requirements to receive milestone amount that he has the nerve to request to be released. Freelancer need to screen these fly by night Freelancers who represent their business in a negative light. I am very unhappy with this experience and most likely will never use Freelancer ever again

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