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Freehold Kia

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Freehold
Address 4044 U.S. 9
Phone 732-462-4422

Freehold Kia Reviews

  • Dec 18, 2015

AT Freehold Kia, Steve was my salesman and Limo was the financial mananger. I was going through a rough time health wise and had just gotten enough cash together to purchase a used vehicle. Steve was very nice to me and seemed very trust worthy. They dropped the price on a vehicle for me but I know how the game goes. I was buying a 2008 KIa Amanti with 84,000 miles on it. I went to see Limo and according to him I was $1000 short to pay cash for the car. The price was dropped to $6995. Limo suggested a car loan that I did not want but I was weak from being ill and I was there for hours and wanted out. Te price was $6995 with my trade in worth $1000. I gave him $4000 in cash and then I paid for tax and tags in cash. My loan was through Capital One at 12%apr. I couldn't wait to get out of there.

a week later Steve called and said there was a problem with my loan. Capitol One had been calling me many times but I was working and couldn't answer the phone. Limo told me not to answer and he would handle it. A week later he said I had to come in about the loan to sign other papers. I told him I was still sick and going to work and I could't be late but I would come by on my next day off. Limo told me that if I didn't come by on that day then he would have to take the car back. I don't know how he could do that since he had already had my car junked but I rushed in anyway. Limo kept distracting me by talking about a sick friend and had the bank papers folded and said that he knew I was in a hurry and all I had to do was sign a few times and go. He rushed me out the door saying I would be late. Steve walked me out and took ny papers and put them in my glove compartment for me and he took the other envelope with my original bank papers that also had my temprary registration in it. I finally got a day off and sat down to glance at the new paperwork and I almost passed out. Limo had added and extra $4000 to my loan. He snuck it all in with little costs. I had gap insurance through my insurance company for $25 a year and Limo added $850 for gap insurance. I had already paid for tax and tags in full in cash and this was added into my loan also so i was paying for tax and tags twice. I was charged $995 for an oil change and detailing on the car which i had turned down and the oil was actually chaged at Walmart according to the sticker on the windsheild. I was also charged $299 for window etching that I do not have. Then for all this paperwork i a charge of $499 was tacted on to the loan. My loan went from 12% to !8% and was switched to Santander USA. I bought an 8 year old car with 83,000 miles on it for $6995 and the total cost for me after 4 years will be $20,248......

Do not buy from these people. They are like a family of criminals. I called consumer advocate as soon as i saw hat they did and I'm taking them to court for auto fraud. I'm also gonna do research on this Santander bank to see if they are in on the scam. My car loan should only be for a little over $2000 and I'm paying them over 20 grand for this $2000. buyer beware. Kia of Freehold are criminals. They took everything thing I had and I texted Steve and told him they should both be ashamed of themselves for being criminals and immoral people. I will never buy a car from a dealership again.

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