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Country United States
State Alaska

FreeGuwac Reviews

  • Apr 5, 2016

I inquired about services of creating a logo with JR who then quoted me a price and we agreed upon the price and services. I requested a sample which JR completed and I was not satusfied with, we then continued to communicate about changes. A few days passed and JR requested payment, which I then sent over via VENMO the next day. The days to come JR was unresponsive. After I finally got in touch with him, he then said he would send me some samples over that evening. Two days went by and I reached out each day via serveral mediums, texts (including another working phone number) messages on social media, and absolutely no reply from JR. It wasn't until today that he responded basically saying "my bad, i had a crazy weekend." At this point I had already started creating my own logo, myself. I then requested to end services and get my money back since at this point he had not sent me anything I requested and didn't even respond in order to talk about the logo design and execution. He responded saying "You're not getting your money back. Not only did I only charge you $75 (compared to the $150 I charge for a logo, check my price list on my Twitter) but I've also spent enough time on this where I've earned it." This was EXTREMELY unprofessional. He gave me a quote, and I paid for the price quoted. If he gave me a better price, great but don't use this as a reason to not give me my money back as an unsatisfied and frustrated customer! He then said he could finish the project by the same evening, which was unrealistic beause me as a client had to approve of the design, as I requested. Before this I was already through with his services, imagine at this point! I then requested my money back repeateadly and he blocked me. I have no other way of contacting JR because he has "no phone." He has also not sent me any logos, or complete work thus far besides screenshots. Needless to say, he is not giving me a refund and regardless if the services was only $75 this was an unprofessional, frustrating experience, no comsumer should have to ever deal with.

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