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Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address 12655 N. Central Expy. St. 830
Phone 214-774-9191
Website Reviews

  • Apr 5, 2016

I ordered a $7.00 item from Zack Childress, after that REI Quick Cash System was sold for $67.00. The upselling kept going and I proceeded to decline and close the purchase.

I looked at the "training site" I had paid for and have not continued to use the site as it was not fully functional (probably since I did not upgrade to the other monthly options).

However, I found out a month later that a charge of $97.00 was made on my debit card without my knowledge with NO authorization from me by FREEDOM INVESTING ACADEMY. I disputed the charge and found afterwards the claim that they have on their website if you click to their "returns policy" to see the "legal claim" to keep your monies.

It states, "If you download ANY files from the password protected members area, you WAIVE your right to a refund during these 3 days..."

I still do NOT see any authorization to have additional $97 charges, which I suppose would be occuring monthly, so I have disputed the charge.

Please, beware anything with Zack Childress, Rei quick cash system, REI Success Academy and Freedom Investing Academy. They will continue to charge your card without your authorization!

  • Dec 12, 2015

The Hidden Cash Flow Fortunes training program by Ian Flanagan.

As I start dig deep into the program and I find out his theory and strategy didn't work with the current market.

He has a lot of energy and motivate as a car sale man and a lot of hot air on his theroy that doesn't work.

Don't let him fool you with it. Stay away from this guy because he only tries to get your money.

I try to cancel the program within 7 days and they don't want to refund the money.

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