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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Oct 12, 2017

After chatting with Kevin Strong and asking a bunch of questions about his coaching program and how it could help with my business, I signed up for his 90-day program on 8/30/2017, paying a deposit of $1,497.


He requested a bunch of info from me, which took me a few days to put together. I emailed it to him on 9/6.

On 9/7 he replied that he would look over the files and get back with me.

After not hearing back I sent three emails over the next week.

On 9/15 he replied saying that he had to leave because of issues related to the hurricane, but that he would have his team send me an update. I never heard from his team.

Over the next two weeks I sent three additional emails checking in with him to see how it was going and when I could expect to get started. Again, no response.

On 10/2 I opened a case with Paypal requesting a refund. They allow 20 days for the seller to respond. Another week passed, and as of 10/10 I had not heard from him.

Out of curiosity, I went onto his website and hit the chat button (signing in with a different email address)... and he came online, thinking that I was a new potential mark / customer.

I asked him how long it usually took him to get someone up and running.

He replied that the goal is $10K / month within 90 days, but making money within a month or so.

I replied "Great to hear that," identified my full name and asked if there was anyway that we could get started then because I had not heard from him in 25 days.

No response after that.

I hope that I can get the refund applied, but as of right now it looks like I'm out $1,497. Kevin comes across as being genuine, likeable, and helpful. However, based on his lack of communication at this point, it seems like he is not trustworthy.

After doing more research, I found posts from 7 other people on the Rip Off Report from whom he has taken money and not provided any service.

  • Sep 19, 2017

After responding to an email about being coached on the internet, I was in discussions with Kevin Strong about payments for his services. One installment payment was sent, and since then 4 meetings (via Skype) were arranged and he never attended one of them. And has sinced stopped responding to any of my inquiries wether they be internet or Skype based. This man is not to be trusted.

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