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Freedom Truck Finance

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address P.O. Box 515797
Phone 877-466-3603

Freedom Truck Finance Reviews

  • Apr 22, 2019

I've attempted to use the warranty twice and the roadside service once each time I was declined due to Freedom/TruNorth refusal to pay and the process of which they require you too go through just to get anything done. After taking my truck to the dealer and having it diagnosed Freedom/TruNorth wanted me to continue to pay more and more money into just the diagnosis.

Apparently the testing of parts isn't good enoough anymore. I'm already out of $1200 in diagnostic fees and now they want me to spend more. This company turns a very simple process into a major mess.My turbo tested bad To take it off the truck,take it apart and take pictures Just to see what caused it to go bad is very senseless.

The turbo tested bad. By the time I get done with dumping money into the diagonostic I can just pay out of pocket and be back on the road. They did the same thing with an attempt to have an alternator replace. Alternator cost $550 parts and labor Had I taken the route Freedom/TruNorth wanted me to take They would have easliy turned that $550 into at least $1500 The company Is a SCAM They take your money but don't like to pay for anything. TRUCKERS STAY AWAY

  • Dec 25, 2017

In May 2017 I financed a 2008 Peterbilt 389 with a Cat C15 engine through Freedom Truck Finance. The dealer advised me that the finance company wanted me to purchase their Platinum maintenance plan through Freedom Shield for 1 yr to insure any internal mechanical failure will be repaired with myself only being out $300 on the cost. I totally agreed with the plan. This maintenance plan was $4500 applied onto the finance contract, which is totally outrageous price but knew down the road I would probably need it. After 5 months of ownership the engine blew a piston ring and turbo. The nearby repair facility was only a few miles away, so I had them tow it to their shop to get a quote of the cost. After getting quote, maintenance records, photos and ECM readings forwarded to them. It took days for their response back to me through email that the evidence revealed that I did not maintain proper repairs and had faulty codes showed the engine faults for over 53000 miles. So the claim for repairs is "DENIED”!! Now the cost for repairs added up to be $36000! I was willing to pay some of the cost. But they didn’t want to hear it... it was denied and that was that. Now... I’m behind on payments with no truck to work with. Freedom Truck Finance acts like that it’s out of their hands! Give me a break.... you own the warrenty department. Problem is... they don’t want to pay. Only happy to take your money.

  • Jun 10, 2017

Last June 2016 year I got a truck through freedom truck finance making it short the first payment was due exactly after there 30 day processing keep in mind I wasn't driving the truck yet so obviously I was some days late quickly with out hesitation they wanted to repo the truck.I told them I just got the truck.after going back and forth I just hung up asked the company I worked for 4 a loan to make the truck payment.besides that I was under a load and find out the motor mount was busted the truck was literally rocking at times felt like and looked like the truck was bout ready to twist when I was backing .so I take it back to the dealer tell him the issue he had his mechanic look at it .he said it wasn't broke but I told him it shouldnt be off the frame .truck sat 1 whole day for him to put 2 freaking bolts in the mount so it broke again in the same day I called the dealer back he said its not my problem I was like ok. So I had to find a resolve it. Basically I feel some type of way.making short I stay near Chicago where we get freezing temps anyways my fuel system froze up and was down 2 months.i called them and explained to them the situation mind you I have other bills 2 so I feel behind in all my bills so imagine the stress I was under already anyways I went independent as a trucker the company kept playing me on work so I my own authority after 3 months of power only wich was tough as hell.i found a company that could lease me a trailer I figured I would make more money and start paying off my debt .well I was still behind on the truck just got out 2700 for back rent then caught up with my anyways I got the trailer only had it 2weeks as soon as my revenue was going to pick up they came got the truck but dropped the trailer I had hooked up .so I told them this was the week I would've had made to pay more than what was owed on the truck which was 7300 and some change so its now. Been 2 weeks since I been 2 work I think overall this finance company is a joke i already made attempts to get the truck back even gave them a payment plan 575 a week that put me paying back all fees they didnt want to do it but why is it my car I'm financing is way more lenient I fell behind with them to .so anyways they told me that I'm still going have to pay whatever is left after it sells at the I told Oscar at freedom truck finance why we find a medium ground so where I keep the truck and set up my account to where I'm paying the current bill and back bill at the same time he said they wouldn't do that's y this whole thing is a Ripp off .anything can be rectified so I would've liked freedom to work something out but.who knows I think everyone is entitled to fare chances.all I'm saying is I have roughly 12thousand invested into the truck and at this point I still haven't been to this point I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy there are others finance company and dealers especially in Chicago that are pretty understanding and fare .think about it if a driver leaves a company to go to another company or say get there own carrier authority tells anyone they realise they have to make money in order to make a living especially when the rent goes up like mine did.

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