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Freedom Trailers LLC

Country United States
State Georgia
City Willacoochee
Address 774 W Marshall Ave
Phone 912-534-5400

Freedom Trailers LLC Reviews

  • Aug 29, 2017

On August 10th 2017 I drove over 500 miles to purchase a new old stock trailer from a dealer in Georgia. This dealer does not make the trailers, they simply sell them for Freedom Trailers. Upon first inspection the trailer seemed well built so I paid the $5100.00 and began the drive home. Once home, I started to remove the plywood from the interior of the trailer so that I could insulate it. Once the wood was removed I was shocked at the poor quality of the welds. Some of the support beams did not even go all the way to the ceiling and 90% of the welds were extremely poor. This is one of those situations where you would never know that it was thrown together unless you took the time to remove the wood from inside. It was the perfect cover up.

  • Apr 1, 2017

Ordered new heavy duty commercial trailer, picked up 2/1/17. tires were not centered in fenders, when inspected to find the cause found spring hangers had beed welded on then cut off and moved. Also right rear of frame was 1.5 in. higher than rest. Called the axle manufacture and was told springs would not work at those specs. After much discussion with trailer co. finally agreed to take it back 1100 miles 1 way to fix. Stayed there 2 days while they fixed these problems. When loaded my 1/2 ton pickup in trailer to come home front ramp door would not close because tongue on trailer twisted enough to warp door opening. They said trailer was not meant to haul that much weight ???. I ordered everything extra heavy, 7000 lb axles, 16 in tires, double 3/4 floor, extra bracing in walls and roof, but it was not meant to haul weight. THey said they would not do anything to correct. Do Not Buy Freedom Trailer

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