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Freedom Performance Exhaust, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Gardena
Address 16540 S. Main St.
Phone 310-324-0415

Freedom Performance Exhaust, Inc. Reviews

  • Mar 1, 2018

I purchased a brand new motorcycle with their pipe installed on it. The pipe only lasted 1000 miles before breaking in half at the collector. I filed a claim with their warranty department in October according to their paperwork the warranty should have been honored with in 30 days it is now 6 months later and I still do not have the replacement. Every time I talk to someone they say the replacement pipe is going out Friday or it already shipped . Bottom line they sell junk and they don't honor their warranty. After 6 months they tell me now that I have no proof of purchase! Are they for real? Stay away from this company if you know what's good for you. Unless you like making payments on a bike that you cannot ride because of their faulty crapp. After they file bankrupt they can reopen under the name excuses r us

  • Apr 27, 2017

Started off by ordering the exhaust which was sent to the wrong address. This was quickly recognized, by me, and shipped from the wrong location to mine. I'll chalk that up as a mistake and simple mislabeling. Once the exhaust arrived it was obvious the factory oxygen sensor would not fit in their pipes. The company advertises on their website and tells you over the phone that it has an 18mm oxygen sensor, this is stock on my motorcycle and would work. It arrived with a 10mm oxygen sensor bung, one which my motorcycle manufacturer never used on the bike, they used 18mm for every year that model was produced. I called and emailed the company and they said it was an error and there should be a 10mm and an 18mm, no wait it should be a 12mm, no wait we welded the wrong part on. I heard several different stories all of which turned out to be lies. After contacting my motorcycle manufacturer and verifying the size and even sending that email to freedom performance their "engineer" refused to change the adapter size.

This wasn't an option that was earlier offered to me and they took it back for some reason. The best offer I got was to get an 18mm weld-on bung (a $10 part) shipped to me and have me do the dirty work of getting it welded on. This was a black exhaust which means that it would have to be sanded and repainted if welding were to occur. I was told I could return the exhaust with a 20% restocking fee. This was eventually, supposedly, going to be waived. They could not guarantee a full refund because they would have to see the condition of the exhaust first. Now I'm stuck with a very expensive exhaust that was very clearly advertised to work on my bike that has almost got me killed. With no o2 reading, and after being told by the company to just plug the hole (with a cap supplied by the company) I took it for a ride and had a surge of power from excessive fuel buildup followed by the bike shutting off unexpectedly while riding! It started back up very hesitantly and I was able to limp home, scared the entire time. Freedom Performance has all the facts they need to fix this issue supplied by the motorcycle manufacturer and they refuse to fix it even though they have no documentation to state how they came up with a 10mm oxygen sensor bung. I have supplied all documentation necessary to show the right specification so to use this exhaust safely with an oxygen sensor as intended and the proper fix was denied. Stay away from this company, they do no to return calls, they do not listen to customers or motorcycle corporations for that matter. Their "engineer" needs to be investigated before someone's is seriously injured because of this product and what they are telling people. Note: Bosch and NTK have both confirmed that nobody makes or sells a 10mm oxygen sensor, especially on newer and fuel injected vehicles.

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