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Freedom Life Insurance Company of America

Country United States
State Texas
City Fort Worth
Address 300 Burnett St #200
Phone 817-878-3303

Freedom Life Insurance Company of America Reviews

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  • Oct 2, 2017

Thought I was buying regular health insurance from Freedom Life Insurance (FLI). After getting the paper work, I noticed that it was not major medical. Did not think this was an issue at the time. My doctor ordered a colonoscopy. Found on day of appointment that it was not covered by my policy. FLI said I would need to upgrade. My current premium was about $470. I should note that my premium did not include a $45 monthly membership fee to the American Independent Business Coalition. I was not told about this fee in the application process.

They told me the upgrade fee or the Premier Med Plan was $1300, making the new premium $1770.

In addition I had a CAT scan done in May of 2017. FLI said about $1000 was paid out. The bill I received 4 months later in the mail from Einstein was for $6100.

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  • Jan 14, 2017

USHEALTH Group bogus healthcare policies costing lives

I met a nice woman in my networking ground named Peg Truckenbroad. She filled the health insurance category in our group and said they specialize in individual plans. My insurance rates had sky rocked in June of 2015 with United health care and so I thought I should give this a look. I have always been really healthy and Peg explained to me that this plan was non ACA compliant and would not cover preventive services. This was not a big deal to me since I had only been to the doctor once a year for many years for a well woman visit. I would just pay for that visit, but still come out ahead financially with the premiums which were 200 less per month that the UC plan.

The pitch was that the policy paid “the first dollar” without having to meet a deductible and even with the penalty it would be cheaper than regular insurance. They even make you go through a physical and explain the insurance is just like old private insurance pre-obama care. In my mind pre-obama care insurance was actual insurance. The pitch is very smooth in telling you what they do versus all of the things they do not do. I guess my first clue should have been that my advisor with Cancer told me her own plan would not accept her.

I figured out in March of 2016 that I had really had no coverage when I went to the emergency room at the hospital with partial facial paralysis. I presented my card and the admitting people had no idea what my insurance was and could not find it in their system. This would be a huge red flag. I called my agent and she said you get $250 just for going to the emergency room. The implication sounded as if the $250 were additional to anything that would be covered. Little did I know that is all they would cover. I called the benefits number on my card after they fact and they said they pay $250 for an emergency room visit and nothing more.

I called the hospital and begged them not to bill my so called insurance and I would just self-pay cash. The hospital went ahead and billed this so called insurance plan which I ended up getting a bill for nearly $3000. Self-pay would have been a 1/3 of that. I was lucky enough to beg and have the hospital reduce the bill down some to just over $2000 since I would pay immediately. Had I needed any further medical attention at the hospital, nothing would have been covered by my US Health advisors plan. I was told by customer services I would have the one-time option to upgrade my plan and pay a higher premium and then a $6000 or $3000 deductible depending on how big you want your premium to be.

The problem is that you cannot upgrade and then have the deductible met by any prior money spent on healthcare that year. I believe you also have to pay the upgraded premiums retroactively. They also drop you if you take the upgrade once as soon as you are eligible for an Affordable Act Care (ACA) plan

These plans should not be called insurance. They should be called a sham or a network of supposed discount services. What you will find is that you are better off with no insurance and just paying the negotiated self-pay rates that providers will extend.

This type of coverage could really hurt someone financially as the benefits received do not equal the premiums paid with no end to repeated claims that would total just under $3000.

Before someone would even begin to look at the “upgrade” option.

Once a provider bills at the insurance rates, USHEALTH Advisor customers are stuck paying those rates when they realize that they plan sold to them is a bill of goods.

I have had rectal bleeding that started in mid November. I was in need of a colonoscopy to determine the bleeding and again called in hopes I had some benefit to get this diagnostic test, but was told I should go to and self pay. Again I realized if I self-pay for that procedure and cancer is found then the treatment could bankrupt me. I wish I understood better what I was purchasing. I am not sure how anyone could really understand since you purchase this plan that is really 3 plans under different association names. I attempted to buy another insurance plan in march after my ER visit and found that I was stuck until 2017 due to the ACA. I had no idea that an individual could not purchase full price health insurance anytime during the year. As a bonus for all of this fun I am now also subject to the health insurance penalty.

After complaining I was sent a letter to make me feel negligent and responsible for my not realizing the inadequacy of this product as insurance. The advisor who sold me the policy said to make sure I answer yes to all of the questions when the person called or I would have to start the entire process over. No human could possibly understand the structure of this program with 3 different associations and ridiculous policies that basically cover nothing. Texas should not allow this company to sell this product and use the word insurance in their advertising. It is certainly not health insurance. I just got my colonoscopy and I do have cancer. It would have been nice to start treatment 2 months ago. I would be very interested to learn if the heads of this company buy their own insurance. Many of their former sales people say the company heads have different insurance.

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  • Jun 30, 2016

After paying for health insurance every month for 4 years I finally had to use it for the first time, I had a really bad case of the flu with 103 degree temperature and was fainting every time I stood up, I still tried to call every number I had for this company to get guidance of where to go and because it was after 5 o'clock all I got was voicemails tell me if it's an emergency dial nine-one-one so I went to the emergency room to get treatment and come to find out they will not cover any of the expense so I immediately called to terminate my business with them and the lady told me that since it was not an emergency situation it was not covered they have lost two customers I will be warning everybody I know that has insurance through them for sure, stay away from them they will take your money every month but when it's time that you need it they won't pay a cent

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  • Jun 27, 2018

I became member in nov 2017 , the plan I was told it covers ,,all / with a $500 deductable in case of Emergency ,, also a outpatient /surgen benefits ,,

this Year May 2018 - June 5 th 2018 , I was diagnosed with Hernia , and had a surgery scheduled , the day of the Surgery I found out from Cleveland Cinic That My Insurance did not cover the Surgery ( 18,000.00 +) But I can Call and upgrede the Plan ( onece in life time , available )

After the call to Fredom Life , I was told to upgrade to premium plan for $4,000.00 deductable and 794.00 more per/mo to a total of 1,200.00 per/mo or the other plan was even more rediculos like 50% deductable and less on premium .

I could not afford the surrgery so I will wait ... till I can

I was left in shock , I had asked Cleveland Clinic if I had to come up w/ down pym immmediately they told me its up to inssurance / witch the wanted the same day .I had recived the lab work bill from them from 270$ the cover $30 my ballance is $240

I called and Canceled this Scam of insurance , if there is a Attorney that wants to take this Scam Artist on ,

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  • Jun 4, 2018

Signed up in 2008 with an agent that came to my home. Specifically asked if this ins was ACA approved. He clearly stated it was.

I signed up and for years I paid the high fee. In 2015 i had an accident and cut my wrist with a grinder. Went to the plan approved hospital. Honor Health emergency room. The artery was cut and required emergency sergury. I was rushed in and operated on. 2 weeks later the bills start coming in. the emergency room was only discounted and I was responsible for the balance. They didn't pay anything only negotiated discounts. My hospital bill was approx $6,000, My surgens bill was $10,000. Now remember I'm in a Freedom life Ins approved facility. The insurance will not honor the surgens bill for $10,000. They lalim he is not in there network. So I'm on the hook for the $10,000. bill at there approved facility. Really. A year later my gilrfriend also on the Freedom Life Ins program goes to the same approved Honor health care facility for after a referral from an in network physician. She is placed in intensive car for internal bleeding. % Days in intensive care. Freedom Life negotiated a lower rate for some of the bill. However they determined that intensive care was not required and would not pay or negotiate any of that part of the bill.

Stay away from this company,

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  • Mar 20, 2018

This so-called insurance plan does not pay for anything. I have been paying monthly payments religiously for about a year-and-a-half. I did not need any services because i'm pretty healthy. I had a preventive colonoscopy with blood work and this so-called insurance plan from freedom life would not pay for anything. I am currently paying out of pocket the bill for the anesthesiologist the hospital and the physician that perform the procedure. This so-called insurance plan do not even pay a simple doctor's visit. I cancel this plan with a quickness. This is my first post from any organization product or service. Just a warning to the american people please run run and run some more if you get a call from freedom life so call insurance company of america. It is not for real. I can say this is the first i ever got scam. It is a shame that they use the name freedom life of america.

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  • Mar 9, 2018

This is my first time ever posting on Rip off report. David Rogers is a smooth talker who acts like he cares but is only concerned about his commissions. Signed my family up for health Ins and he claimed he would help with any issues we had...The minute I filed a claim he said he couldn't help me and moved on to the next. I hope people looking don't ever use his services oir Freedom Life. I filed in Sept. and am still waiting for payment 6 months later... David Rogers has been a ghost and this is my first post but won't be my last on other boards as well. People need to know who he is and stay away.

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  • Oct 9, 2017

I am paying this company over $600.00 a month and they want pay anything. My wife needed a mammogram and ultra sound. They said it was a preexisting condition and i would have to wait two years before they would pay anything. It has been over two years now and they still say they want pay anything. They are frauds.

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  • Sep 20, 2017

My wife is sick. She has lymphoma node in the neck and liver chirrosis. She was promised full coverage from freedom life including pre existing condition. But she got nothing in return. My wife cant reason clearly and she does not remember the name of the freedom life rep she was talking to. We have put a stop payment in our bank.

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  • Sep 11, 2017

My wifes health ins for 2015 was with bc/bs with a monthly bill of $403.82.

This policy was canceled because of obamacare. For 2016 we signed up with Farm bureau with a monthly bill of $659.16. We received a letter for Farm Bureau stating that the new policy for 2017 would increase to $850 per month.

We started shopping and after several weeks I agreed with Nick at an online call center to purchase an 80/20 plan for a monthly bill of $403.27. He said because of hippa he would have to finalize this agreement with my wife.

On june 23, 2017 my wife went for a yearly checkup. We called freedom life and found out they will not pay for the physical.

At this point I knew there was a problem so we stated talking to farm bureau and they wanted us to fill our a 16 page application page, keep in mind we had their insurance in 2016. With other life problems we were not able to submit the application before my wife had to be taken to Vanderbuilt Hospital on 9-3-17.

During her time in the hospital I called Freedom Life ins and was told all they would pay is $200 per day towards the hospital room for upto 30 days. They would not pay for anything else. I found out during this conversation that their agent Nick did not enroll us in an 80/20 plan but had split up the monies $197.00 going to Freedom Life and the rest to other junk companies such as dental, prescriptions and lab that have proven to all be frauds.

This is a nightmare. We now owe a hospital bill of $48,000.00

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  • Aug 12, 2017

We purchased health insurance with Freedom Life Insurance 1-12-17.

Marion sold me the policy on the phone. She listed everything the policy covered and I wrote it down. I had my husband get on the phone and she repeated the same thing to him.

Marion then transferred me to another person who repeated the coverage and said that our conversation was being recorded.

When we used the health insurance, we quickly discovered that the coverage we were told we were purchasing, was not true. Everything Marion and other employee told us was/is a lie.

Examples: My husband's cardiologist wanted him to wear a heart monitor for 24 hrs. Freedom Life said no coverage for that, that is "durable equipment". Not covered. Marion said everything A-Z is covered. No exclustions.

Another example: I am due in August for mammogram. Marion told me yes, mammograms are covered. I specifically asked about mammograms. No, MDAnderson called Freedom Life, mammograms are not covered. Freedom Life told MDAnderson that our policy is strictly for doctor office visits, and they are limited to two a year!!

I have any other examples of the above trying to use this policy for the last 8 months.

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  • Dec 23, 2016

This company enrolled me in what they described as a major medical plan 2k deductable, 80-20 coninsurance, rx plan etc. My sister contracted cancer, and the bills reflect a discount plan. I am planning to file a grievance with my state insurance commissioner, as well as have initiated help from This company must not be allowed to continue to exist, and their fraud has left insured in financial shambles. Please contact the law firm to join in any wrong that may be been done to you.

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  • Oct 26, 2016


I my husband was in need Of insurance after losing his job and trying to find insurance we came upon freedom life Ins and got and thought it was good but not only was it not approved by Obama care it did not pay hardly any of his bills when he went into the hospital we now owe 28000 to the hospital and we are Ins low income how can they do this to unsuspecting people stay sway from them

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  • May 30, 2016

I put off an medical procedure talking back and forth talking to Freedom life trying to make sure my insurance was gonna cover it was in formed it was just to receive a bill for the full amount for the procedure, and when I call FLHI they denied the claim after telling me it was covered.

After receiving numerous doctor bills I call FLHI and they stated they were giving me a 50% discount on the bills when the doctor office/hospital stating the full amount had to be paid in full by me.

During tax season I was asked for my 1095 for my insurance verification when I call FLHI they told me the only thing they could provide was a letter to show where I've been paying. No one could give me a direct answer as to the incurred charges I have received or we just paying for a discount we still not getting.

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  • May 12, 2016

While searching for a new health insurance plan ,I got a popup on my computer from Healthcare .gov

after completing requested information...I received a call from Freedom Insurance co ,Inc....Very high pressure

soon I had given my Credit card info..,then I was routed to give a recorded deposition...I was very uncomfortable

I becan to back out of finalizing the agreement...several people started arguing with me ,then a superviser named

Dustin who kept calling me back when I would hang up...he screamed at me that if I hung up ,it was going to cost me

That terrified me since he had by banking info....People keep away from these organized thugs....

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  • Mar 16, 2016

Signed up with Freedom Life Insurance Company of America for Health Insurance for 2015. Cancelled due to such a poor policy in 2016. Found out that I have to file a 1095B form for Insurance.

Called and requested one- my Policy does not have the coverage needed to be a Qualifying Health Insurance. Which means its like I did not have Insurance at all and I will have to end up paying the governement when I file my taxes.

I was not aware of any of this when the the Affordable Care Act took place. Nor was I informed when I signed up with Freedom Life.

I have called the company but they state they cannot do anything (it is after the fact).

I would like to see Freedom Life Insurance pay for these fees.

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  • Jun 17, 2019

I was going to take out some health Insurance on my married daughter. She lost her coverage and needed pap smears, mamograms and just to have prevenative care. He told me Cigna would be my best choice for her.

He then said, they would have to call her and ask some questions. I gave them her cell phone and Email I gave my daughter my account number, thinking they would send me papers to also look over and confirm before my approval to draft my bank account. (bad Mistake) I am on SSI, and this should have never happened.!!!

I got my statement today and they have hit my account twice for 251.00 .Once on May 14/2019 and then June 4/2019 only 21 days?? Its like they knew the statement cut off date .This is the only statement I have seen from the Freedom Insurance draft. I never gave approval to draft. They must have took everything from my daughter.

I guess this is why they wanted to talk to her. This statement is the only one I ever saw. She still has never received no papers nor have I. No Insurance card. Nicholas lied about the coverage. NOT CIGNA, ONLY FREEDOM. I am just dumb founded how this can happen with out sending me something.

  • Apr 29, 2019

Takeing money from my account I do not have freedom life insurance

Please put my 150,00 back into my account.

into my account cannot afford to give you money for nothing

  • Nov 11, 2016

Not a part of ACA

I received a call from them after I went to the wrong site, looking for MD Health Network, or ACA. They asked for medical info and I explained that under ACA, there is no medical underwriting so why are they asking. They said their company had lower rates, but that they do medically underwrite and they are picky about who they take. That keeps the rates low!! After reading the info on this site, I see they are not a part of the ACA and that is why they medically underwrite and it is not an approved plan and does not qualify for health insurance under the new regulations. I would be fined additionally if I went with them since it is not a qualified carrier. Thank you, all, for putting your comments here to save me from a big mess and possible big bills that I would be responsible to pay.

  • Aug 20, 2015

They contacted me , when I was looking for insurance thru health .Gov and healthmarket telling me not yo purchase Obamacare or any of those insurances theirs was better. No deductible all I would have to do would be to just show my card. No out of network. Rx meds were covered. Yea right! They do not pay anything hardly on meds, one of my meds my part is $550.00 after they supposedly pay and I'm on 9. They paid $30.00 on a MRI and 0$ on PT. ClImed it was out of network which I was told by Agent Micheal Smith that there was no copays, no deductible and no out of network. I have $7,000.00 bill and am on fixed income. There's no way I can pay that. I've been scammed big time. Please warn others.

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