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Freedom Investing Academy

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address 12655 N. Central Expy. St. 830
Phone 214-774-9191

Freedom Investing Academy Reviews

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  • Aug 1, 2016

These guys are the next sumbags of the EARTH! Taking information that you can OBTAIN FOR FREE on google, the LIBRARY,Youtube or ANYWHERE that has a topic on Real Estate Investing and Ripping People off creating a "WORKSHOP SEMINAR" with personal "MENTORING PROGRAMS" that start at a WHOPPING $10,000 MINUMUM!! Zach Childress said to be mentored by him cost $75,000! And guess what they're teching, Guess what their BIG SECRET is?? Playing the middle man, Doing real estate deals using Lease Option Contracts & Subject to Contracts. Posting Ads on Craigslist. Basically you play the role like you're a Cash Buyer and use those Contracts to lock the property down for a certain period of time, say about 30 days, then you get the end buyer, the REAL Buyer who has the money. Then you bring the two together and get your fee. YOU DON'T NEED TO GO TO A 3 DAY JERKSHOP AND PAY SOME CREEP $10,000 up to $75,000 TO LEARN THAT!!

Now I attended as I spy to expose these creeps. That's what I do. I love exposes the scumbags. They remind of the government. Just ripping people off with lies and deceit and here's more proof of their scam. OK ready, LIE # 1: You'll get an email from Ian Flannigan about You've been approved for $500,000 in funding to buy real estate, NO credit check required. Ok remember that, No credit check. He's teaching a 3 day "workshop" and there will be "NO GUEST SPEAKERS" selling other programs at this event.

Well this so called "Mr. X" , gimme a break, Ahh He was there and guess what he was doing... SELLING HIS PROGRAM OF CD's of Private Funding for $997. AT first he says its for $2400 but he says for you guys here today, you're not going to pay that, I'm going to do everybody here a favor and discount that down to $997. Typical Marketing ploy to first put out $2400 as if thats the real price and then slash it down to $997 which was the actual price from the get go. Then he goes on to sell some more S*which was go to a private lending bootcamp in Seattle Oct 6-8 or Las Vegas Nov 10-13. And he also was selling some go over the road with him on a trip with his crew to show you how he gets his funding.

Everybody who goes gets funded. Yea He probably just pools everybody's fee then gives out loans of their own money LMAO. These dudes are REAL SCUMBAGS. LIE# 2 Register now because this will be the last workshop we do this year. We only do two a year. Well I just went in June and they told me that would be the last one. What do you know they just emailed me about ANOTHER one in Nashville, TN. I guess this will be the second or third to last one. LIE#3 Power Prize#2 Quick Cash Grab Machine AKA The Money Vault $32,000 Value. That s* didn't even have $3000 in it. Truth, I literally scanned that vault up close. It had a few $10 and $20 Dollar bills and Most of the bills was FAKE MONET THAT THEY CREATED AND SAID IT WAS FOR POINTS! It was some monopoly money they created. LMAO! And the only way you can get to the money vault is to get in front of the Camera a record a "Testimonial for their website". Other than that, you couldn't do it.

So people gave bulls* testimonials just to get to the money vault. Testimonials supposed to be done AT THE end of your experience, not at the beginning with a reverse pyschology technique to get them. And the biggest winner of the day won...A WHOPPING $180! Wow not even half the amount you spend for the 3 day stay and flight to get there! One lady yelled out: Put some more money in the VAULT, everyone giggled to Zach's response which was whaat, thats my money in there I aint putting no more in ther, please put YOUR money in there. LIE#4 $500,000 in funding just for attending and no credit check. This was only available to the VIP attendees aaaand you need like a 550 so YEEAH, thats a Credit check to know your score correct?? And before you attend you'll get the info and price to become a VIP guest for their "INSIDE SECRETS" not given to other guest. LIE#5 They're not selling anything at this seminar because it's a workshop.

Well at the end to get any ongoing assistance you will need to sign up with one of the mentors they sign you up with. They will call you to the back and ask you how much can you invest in the mentoring which starts at a minimum of $10,000. Point Blank Period: These guys are Ripp Offs, Scumbags. Pieces of s*. If you want to know about Subject to contracts, Lease Option Contracts....GOOGLE IT, YOUTUBE it, Find a decent Local Mentor with a respectable fee. Think about it. What the Hell you think Zach is going to do with your $75000? Or How you going to feel if you pay $10,000 to a mentor to teach you something and then you go online and see the same s* for FREE! Copy this and PASS THIS IT ON Facebook ,Worldstarr and all Social Media Sites to expose these Scumbags. And to be clear, this is not a Disgruntled rant. This is the truth and IF ANYONE thinks Im lying, ATTEND THE SEMINAR AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF I GUARANTEE YOU WILL BE PISSED OFF AND RIPPED OFF.

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  • Nov 29, 2016

On 11/1/16 my card was charged $97 for something i did not order i found info on my bank statement 11/29/16.

  • May 30, 2016

They made it sound like all I was ever going to be charged was five dollar to learn how to locate cheap housing and invest. I am looking for a house so I wanted to see what they had to say. Then they charged my checking account ninety-seven dollars. Which threw my account in arears and I got chargedsixty dollar for not having enough money inthere to cover the two checks I had already sent. I tried to contact them with the number they had on the charge and it said it was no longer in service. Ian Flamagan made it sound so interesting but he just wanted my money.

  • Mar 28, 2016

Freedom software - Real Estate

He has since turned off the software which I paid for after learning I reported him for fraudulently charging me for services I didn't order nor use. On top of that, I recently learned that the products and service he is selling are illegal real estate practices and I do not want to go to jail! He apparently doesn't like giving refunds for ripping people off.

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