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Freedom Fuels

Country Australia
State Queensland
City Eagle Farm
Address Unit 5/16 Theodore St.
Phone 1300 667 202

Freedom Fuels Reviews

  • May 15, 2017

I received a mailbox drop flyer in my mailbox advertising several discounted products at the Freedeom gas station at 46 Sherwood rd Rocklea , Queensland Australia. Some food items were included and when I checked them out they were, as stated, genuine discounts although they were not very low prices. Included in this document were some tear-off fuel discount vouchers. These were a much different matter and in my view were a deliberate attempt to sell fuel at a grossly inflated price under the pretence of being a cheaper product than was available elsewhere.

They promised a discount of 6c per liter of fuel. The average price of gas on that day in Brisbane was $1.08 per liter. The highest price I saw on that day, after checking all the other gas stations in my district ,was $1.13 per liter. The lowest was $1.04.7 Per liter. When I went to the Freedom Gas Station, I noted the price on the sign in the driveway was $1.27.9 per liter. I went to the pump and checked the price on the pump and it was $1.27.9 per liter. This means that after the discount I would be receiving the fuel at $1.21.9 per liter. Not exactly a good business proposition in my view.

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