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Freedom Fighter Times

Country United States
State Alaska

Freedom Fighter Times Reviews

  • Jul 28, 2016

Online News Media Outlet: I signed up for a month-by-month subscription to "Freedom Fighter Times", an online news media outlet. The cost was $1.00 per week and was recurring automatically from my bank account each week. After about 3 months, I was no longer using the site so attempted to cancel my subscription. I learned that although one can easily sign up on their site, there is no way to cancel on that same site. Here I explain: Clicking on "Account" = shows membership options, Clicking on "Profile" = advertisement to sign up, Clicking on "Membership Invoices"= no invoices found, Clicking on "Billing" = this subscription is non-recurring, Clicking on "Cancel" = advertisement to sign up. I then used the "contact" button to request cancellation and did so twice without any reply or resolution. Exhausting all online attempts to cancel, I resorted to calling the number that was showing up on my bank statement each week: 877-887-7815. Upon calling, a recorded message came on giving me information that I needed to send an email (email address provided was barely audible and had to call 3 times to verify) to this unrelated "other" company with information to process my request. I was told to send, to the email given, my name, name of company I had a subscription with, my email, and the last 4 of the bank account it was charged to. I probably should not have, but I did send it. Charges continued so 1 month later I sent it again with a demand to stop. Charges continued for about 1 month. Then, for 3 weeks, the $1.00 charge stopped but promptly picked up AGAIN at the $1.00 weekly. Finally, I had to resort to cancelling my debit card from the bank and getting a new one @ $5.00 cost and the inconvenience of 5 days without a debit card. There is absolutely no way of getting in touch with whoever is responsible for this terrible scam manipulation. No one is accountable! That is most frustrating and very crocked. I hope this helps someone else.

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