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Freedom Construction LLC

Country United States
State Colorado
City Grand Junction
Address 560 S Westgate Dr, , CO
Phone 1 866-773-7522

Freedom Construction LLC Reviews

  • Sep 13, 2020

Roof started 07/17/20

Roof completed 07/20/20

Called Misti Rial 08/03/20 for inspection on Roof

Kevin Haydon inspected roof 08/10/20

Kevin had a bad attitude he keeps saying the roofers must have overlooked the soft and low spot on the east side of the roof. He did not go on the roof to look at the low spot. The roofer crew ripped off a piece of siding The roofer crew bent the drip edge

The shingles don't match the drip edge the were not cut straight, The roofing crew messed up my air conditioner. I had to call G.J appliances to come level and put new silver tape to stop the cold air leak. I called Misti Rial and left messages for her to call back not once did she return my calls, She had her assistant Shelly call me, I ask Shelly how many squares on my roof and how much they charged me per square.

I ask for an invoice with the all of the prices and the supplies they used Shelly told me they did not give out that information. No bill with the prices and what the charge per Square 09/02/20 Kevin back to see what needed to be done on roof. Bad attitude again He keep getting in my face and contradicting when I was asking about thr repairs

Where the roofing crew was going to pull up shingles and repair the soft spot and the trim board to cover where they had damaged the siding I wanted to know if it might leak water. Kevin keep getting in my face and talking real loud he never gave me a answer about if the roof might leak. Kevin Hayden and Misti Rial both told, Saul Loya sub contractor not to come back and fix my roof

09/04/20 Saul came back to fix roof. they put a trim board where the put the hole in siding, fixed drip edge cut shingles streight, put new boards where the soft spot was 09/04/20 called Misti Rial and left more messages for her to call me no call back. I have talked to other roofing contractors about how much they charge per square

They are charging $385 per square I have 23 squares on my roof Freedom construction charged me $672 per square, that is a differance of $287 per square. I Feel they have way over charged They charged me $15470.00 for a single dwelling house

They stiped roof, installed new underlayment, installed new boots, installed new vents, installed new drip edge, installed new 30 year shingles

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