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Freedom's Path at Augusta

Country United States
State Georgia
City Augusta
Address 1900 Maryland Avenue
Phone (855) 736-8223

Freedom's Path at Augusta Reviews

  • Jul 9, 2018

Freedom's Path is yet another crooked 501 c3 associated with the VA. They're suppose to house homeless Veterans but they do not. Here's why:

Submitted my application for an apartment on June 26, 2018. After several apartment showings by a staff member who constantly accused me of being a "spotter" (investigator), was told my move in date would be July 6, 2018. Despite being called an investigator, I forked over my application and a $35 money order for a background investigation because they had me at hello with the unbelievably nice apartment units. Mistake.

During the week of move in, I never heard one iota from these people. So, I gave them a call on the day of, only to learn my application was "added to the AUGUSTA HOUSING AUTHORITY waiting list. Wow! You people only expressed your partnership with the AHA. You all never said anything about a waiting list. Only my move in date. Typical bait and trap which is ILLEGAL and UNETHICAL!

A red flag should have gone up the moment I walked in and observed an applicant with children, absolutely livid about his application. The average housing authority waiting list can be 6 months to a year. GOOGLE IT! No wonder the poor guy was so upset.

They do have unbelievably nice apartment units with a great view, possibly reserved for highest bidders, friends and family members judging from the nearly new cars parked out front late at night. Certainly not for homeless veterans.

It's just a numbers game and, you're the number. That's how non-profits make their money. They don't give a squat about you needs. They get paid for every head that comes through their doors to fill out anything. I knew this but, was fooled by the unbelievably nice apartment units. I thought to myself, maybe their legit. WRONG AGAIN! That's how they lure you to make $$$ off your personal information. Now you know. Keep your $35 in your pocket where it belongs. You may need a bite to eat or travel money instead of giving your money to these losers.

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