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Free Flow, Inc.

Country United States
State Virginia
City King George
Address 6269 Caledon Road
Phone (703) 789 3344

Free Flow, Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 20, 2021

In this world, in personal and professional relationships, you will meet both good and bad people. While the numbers will never be balanced, there will always be truly good and naturally selfish people who will tip the scale significantly. One example of such negativity in a human is in the form of Sabir Saleem. You can call him a wolf in sheep's clothing because that's how much he takes advantage of vulnerable, innocent individuals. His day job is pretending to be the hotshot CEO of FreeFlow Inc and a self-made businessman.

However, his much favorite and well paying job is scamming. Sabir Fraud Saleem targets people and uses his self made CEO reputation to lure them into business deals. What happens then onwards is a series of taking, taking, and taking as much as possible on his end. When he is done sucking the other party dry of money and resources, he walks out and straight-up denies even knowing you.

That's pretty much exactly how we fell into his trap and didn't know him for the scam he is. Given his image as the CEO of FreeFlow Inc, we had nothing to doubt. Like many others, we had also gone through tons of his interviews and biographies, and were aware of his so-called “success story''. Our inspiration got the best of us and we entered a business relationship with Scam Saleem with our guard down. We didn't notice the warning signs and trusted him to help us write our success story as well.

However, what followed that was a series of disappointments and humiliation. It started with Sabir Saleem giving us false hope and reassurances but made no attempts to keep up with his part of the deal. Not long after it turned into ignored calls and screened emails, and then complete radio silence.

At this point, we had started doubting his sincerity and approached him personally to clear out those doubts. All we were met with was denial and threats. It came as a harsh blow as being cheated by someone like him was something we hadn't anticipated. The realization came slow, but it wasn't that hard to conclude that our dear CEO FFLO had had some practice and we were not the only victims.

Sabir Saleem loves playing CEO during the day but under all those layers of glamour, he is nothing but a vulture. He is a disgrace to all professionals and the business community. Not only does he lack the basic decency to keep up his end of business deals, he chooses to cheat his partners instead.

If you're thinking about entering any sort of agreement or affiliation with him, don't. This man will go to any lengths to rob you of your money- do not let yourself be fooled!

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