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Franklin County Children Services

Country United States
State Ohio
City Columbus
Address 1919 Frank Rd
Phone 1 614-278-5800

Franklin County Children Services Reviews

  • Jul 9, 2018

Franklin County Childrens Services Delores Blanton, Sharise Ryan Green, Jessica Oink, Eric Hoffman, I. E all of Fccs an Franklin county court juvenile division I had a case ooened in november of 2017 an Ovi which i served my time for in april of 2018,but in january 2018 my worker Amanda told me i needed to move because my home had mice an mold was growing out of the walls which i discovered due to me calling the city i explained to her i didnt have anywhere else to go,so she claimed she would helo me find housing then a few weeks later she tried to serve me with a letter closing my case and i told her no i need help with housing i want a voluntarily case which she kept open but gave me a new worker jessica oink who FINALLY in april after being asked numerous time for help with housing set me up with a csw Missy,who came to where i was staying with a friend and brought me a housing list (that was of no help)upon her walk through she spotted a butter knife on the dresser which was used to open the front door,she told me i needed to put it up because it wasnt safe with small children around i emediately put it in the sink before she left,before she left she told me i needed to sign a safety plan i ask her what was a safety plan she explained to me in front of the csw an my mom that it was just me promising to make sure my children were always safe an id always keep their best interest in mind,i signed without reading and around 8pm that night jessica called ne and told me to either drop my children off to my sister or she would pick them up with cpd i ask her why this was happening she said because i signed the safety plan i was lost then she proceded to explain that a safety plan was a plan placing them somewhere outside the home i told her i wouldnt and she threatened me again with cpd so i took them to my sister,because of my ovi i had to do ten days in jackson pike,april 9 through the 18 when i got out i ask her when could my kids come home she said when i complete the safety plan which she never gave me a copy of,on april 26th she filed for custody of my children we had court may1 I wasn't able to speak on my behalf or anything, they were supposed to stay with my sister but because she is on probation for a non violent crime they made her return them to fccs on may1 an placed them with my daughters uncle that none of my children knew, they found out he was still allowing them to stay with my sister and removed them from him on may16 and placed them with my cousins kids mother which on June 25th they removed them from her and placed them in foster care, where they have been since and I have had 2 visits so far at the Main St office and at both visits my one year old who doesn't walk or talk has came with bruises a black eye, two knots on his forehead, then big red bruises on his back and the foster parents don't know what happened, my older kids 6&7 says that the foster father smacks their hands, and makes my baby stay in his playpen and cry all day and night these bruises and complaints have been reported to my worker and her supervisor and the director all to no help, also to the Guardian ad litem who didn't even know where the kids were, he has never seen them or anything my whole case is flawed and I'm upset I just want my children home with me where they belong, and I need help, fccs and the Guardian ad litem are being very neglectful and brushing this off to the side, nobody cares and nobody will help me, my children never should have never been removed from ME I have never neglected my children or abused them this is unfair and unjust please point me to someone who can help me.

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