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Frain Industries, Inc.

Country United States
State Illinois
City Carol Stream
Address 245 E North Ave.
Phone 630-283-8979

Frain Industries, Inc. Reviews

  • Dec 21, 2017

All parts on the machine were very old. The air solenoids on the machine had dates marked as 1992. Obviously this should be considered a "worn” part as per the contract. This is indicative of the whole machine. They claim they go through the whole machine however the grease in the grease lines was hardened to to the point that grease couldn’t be administered. I had to replace the grease lines myself. They placed grease in areas that the manual called for machine oil which I had to dig out. very early on one of the pivot arms snapped which am caused me to look under the cabinet which is only visible through really close inspection. There were no grease points on these parts due to

their having predated the development of them in that area. Once I broke into this area I noticed that there was tobacco clogged in all of the joints throughout the machine. When i’d Add grease tobacco would come out. Inasked how they inspected these parts per the contract if they didn’t even take the top off so that it was visible to them. They agreed that they did not. At this point they did reluctantly come down and replace that part, mainly because I trapped them into doing so. The hopper and feeder were send with seals that were ancient and didn’t serve their purpose. When they were down fixing the other issue they brought gasket material. Problem with that is that it was the wrong

material. It crumbled and tainted my customers product costing me thousands. Because they didn’t have the knowledge of how my machine was to be run they sold me 4K in clips that I didn’t need. They thought the bags were to run from the bottom up m,but they are actually supposed to run from the top down. This renders the 2nd set of used clips useless to me. The machine was put together like Frankenstein. They have a parts yard of old junk that they refurbish your used equipment with. One of my big issues is that my filler motor runs at 3200 rpm but the filler they put it on calls for a motor which turns 1750 rpm. Tooling is made specifiec for these fillers so this makes buying

tooling very difficult. The pneumatic hole punch they placed on my machine isn’t designed to work with an1/4” punch so rather than buy the correct assembly they machined a part to make it work. Because if this my hole punch replacements are 800 dollars instead of 40 dollars. The machine specs stated that it would run between 10 and 100 parts per minute. However the ancient drive motor they installed is to small to turn those numbers which were on my contract. The old motor is also not able to be controlled by a variable frequency drive,but that didn’t stop them from putting one in it. My machine will do a max of 50 parts per minute which is half of what I was sold on. When I

changed the oil I had to stick a pen in the hole to get the oil to start to drain. They didn’t change the oil in any of my drives(something i’d If almost certainly thought would have happened when they did a "complete” overhaul of my machine. Their own employees would laugh when they’d ship junk replacement parts. I was lied to about why there was a wobble in my auger shaft because they knew I didn’t know any better, but after i went to a training course I found out that they had lied to me. Once I confronted them they then said that it could be the threads on the auger drive. This made no sense since he’d originally told me that there should be a wobble. He was now saying that there

shouldn’t be a wobble??? No offer to fix it and no apology for lieing. In case you think I got what I paid for I can tell you that I paid pretty much the same that I would have for a new machine. I thought it would be okay since I was lead to believe that this would basically be a brand new machine. There is so much more than this and I really wish I could share pictures on here so everyone could see how bad this really was.

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